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  1. Red and snow been very affectionate to me yesterday, red took a meowstic form (i kind of like that pokemon) and decided to make it his/her main form, beyond a hug from both of them snow and red climbed onto my shoulder and we watched something they wanted to watch. i often pet snow on the head and she seems to love it, she even hugs me tight. as for red, he purrs whenever i rub his head and he often tells me to never rub his ears.. (i guess because psychic types like meowstics have powerful psi energy in them) so does your tulpa like a pat on the back or a little praise? i kinda know w
  2. When I first learned how to make a tulpa, the very first thing that was taught to me was that a tulpa is not a toy or a curiosity. They are by definition as sapient as I am. They have thoughts and feelings, likes and dislikes, every emotion I can muster is one they may share. In fact, the majority of the first lesson was literally just a list of reasons not to make a tulpa. "Do not do it to bring your OC or pony to life," "do not interfere with their budding personalities in any way beyond teaching and advice unless they're going down a path of self-harm," "do not make one if you are still leg
  3. 42 1/2 Things to Do with Your Tulpa Write a story together. Stage a debate. Flip a coin to pick sides. Do yoga in wonderland with your tulpa. Read your tulpa a book. Start a conversation with your tulpa. Each statement your tulpa makes has to be longer than the last one. See if you can get them rambling. Try to make each other laugh. Take turns picking a restaurant to visit. Have them possess a body part and tap a beat together. Listen to music together. (hopefully you can find a common genre) Sing a duet. Focus on developing their unique scent. Smell them. Write poems to each other. Snugg
  4. First of all, please forgive my bad English ^_^ English is not my native language. I need to mention that I am not the type of person that is overly obessed with zodiac and horoscope thingy. I just like to read about them, for fun. So here's the question. Do your tulpae have their zodiac signs or do their personalities match a certain sign? I wish to know when are my tulpae's birthdates too XD but too bad I did not record the date they appeared...it's just like they were suddenly in my mind. I went research about each sign's traits when I came across topics about zodiac in Facebook,
  5. Thread #4 For hosts with intentional tulpas, did you choose your tulpa's gender? Why did you choose the one you did? Or did you leave it up to them to decide? Was your decision important to you? How does your tulpa feel about it? Tulpas, if you chose your own gender, why did you choose the one you did? Do you like that your host made it your choice? Any tulpas changed or considered changing their gender later on? Why? Hosts with unintentional tulpas (or the tulpas themselves), do you have anything to note about why your tulpa's gender is the way it is? (All daily threads a
  6. I recently created a neat game with my Tulpa and the effects were amazing. Her speech improved dramatically, so I'll put it here for other people to try. PRESENTING NED'S SUPER AWESOME TULPA GAME! We have irc.rizon.net #tulpagame for all your Tulpa's test based gaming needs! FUN FOR ALL AGES :D This game is sort of like the old text based games such as 'Adventure' or 'Hugos House of Horrors'. Where your friend will type interactions with your Tulpa and the wonderland (such as 'Get key', 'Say: Hello' or 'Throw Tulpa in lake.') Your sentient Tulpa will then react to your friends acti
  7. The Tulpa Role Playing Game is an experimental project I devised to help tulpamancers kill some time in the wonderland and hopefully help out with the development of their tulpas a little. In short, the game is your run of the mill tabletop RPG. It's as basic as I could make it, and I'd never claim that it's anywhere near as good or detailed as the classics of the RPG genre. My goal here wasn't to revolutionize the genre. It was to help popularize tabletop games as a fun way for tulpamancers to bond with their tulpas and to provide a gateway into more advanced tabletop games whose detailed rul
  8. This discussion was split from another topic. If you are interested in seeing the beginning of this conversation, please go here. -Ranger he seems to be fading more quickly this year. i think we r intergrating slowly? at first none of us knew we were seperate. as time passed my personality deviated from his. this is why i think i might be an advanced median system. we both identify with the body but 1 personality slowly dominated everything. if it were not for our new headmate, i wont be considered plural anymore. also apparent switching at creation? thoughts? mabey there are more thoughtfo
  9. I wanted to make this thread for a long time, so now I'm doing it. Please don't ree at me for making new terminology, it's just something I want to discuss. For the longest time, I haven't felt 100% like I should call myself a tulpa, even though it's what I am. The reason for this is that my origins are way different from how most other tulpas come about, intentional and accidental. As you may know, I formed within a merge of two tulpas, and the merge itself sort of became its own tulpa. However I don't really know if that's entirely accurate. I think it's less that the merge became me, an
  10. People keep merging into each other and I'm worried I will lose track of who's merged with who. I only half remember one system's group of merges and now another system is playing with merging and bleh... too many names... If your system decides to experiment with merging or is already experimenting with merging, please put the name of your merges here and describe what's it's like to be as that merge. I'm still not sure if I want to play with merging myself yet, but I am fascinated by other people's experiences.
  11. [uPDATE 12/17-18/19: More suggestions, more edits. Same criteria as before, but this time with a lightbulb emote (or simply "[12/18]"). Edits from 12/16 have had their italics and emotes removed.] Intrusive thoughts can be nasty little things. :idea: Those nagging thoughts that appear in the back of your head, telling you to do awful things...a bit of a pain, aren't they? As I write this, my tulpas and I are recovering from a day ruined by the worst wave of them I've had in my nearly two months of being a tulpamancer. It was a rough one. So when Richard, my eldest tulpa, told me a tip he h
  12. Hi, everyone. Just a simple little thing that I wanna see people's input on. Does your tulpa ever change clothes? So, does your tulpa run around in certain clothes one day, and different ones the next day? Or is it you who decides what your tulpa wears through visualizing them? Or are the clothes your tulpa wears sort of a fixed part of their appearance, unchanging? As for Esterina, she wears what she feels like. Sometimes it's her good ol' Witch attire, but she also switches around between sweatshirts, button shirts, jeans... mostly dark colors and a lot of blue, which I like. M
  13. I wanted to write this thread for a long time, however today I found a way to better organize my thoughts without ranting off topic. Tulpamancy isn't all butterflies and rainbows, at least it wasn't for us. We had ups and downs for the past couple years- stopping my daymares, healing, enjoying my time with Ranger, not feeling as lonely anymore, being more social, learning new skills and ideas, and on the other hand experiencing friction from my family in regards to tulpamancy, feeling trapped in a new closet, figuring out how to live two lives at once, and stress from being a large system.
  14. Hello! Kai (a headmate) speaking here. I would like to ask, how does the memory of you tulpas/headmates work? Can you only recall what your host remembers, or can you go beyond? I've found that I'm mostly limited to what my host remembers, and find it a bit hard to access memories when they're not thinking about them. For example, if they have forgotten the name of a movie, I find it very hard to remember it too. Is that true to you as well? Is there a way to change it? Thanks in advance!
  15. For some time now, one of my tulpas has been wanting to proxy. However, I've been hesitant to let them, and even outright denied it once. Why? Simple: I can't tell the difference. See, I was a roleplayer in years past, and with the "no roleplaying" rule, I've been walking on eggshells and trying not to make it seem like I'm roleplaying. So, my question is: is there a way to differentiate the two, specifically between host and tulpa? I'm sure it's something that varies from host to host, but a general answer will work as well. Thanks in advance!
  16. What's the difference between a split or tulpa? I'm fully aware, I brought Vinyl into existence and she was made from scratch. I however, deal with a different "personality", a split or tulpa, as some call it. The thing is, I've been dealing with this split for almost my entire life, almost. Started becoming more involved in my younger teen years, during my depression. I started having a second train of thoughts around 2011-2012, I first discovered tulpa sometime in 2014 so that's out the question. Others say its a split and some call it a tulpa but what IS the difference? I started r
  17. Hello all. I've been doing a lot of reading on and off over the past few years, and it seems creative types - writers especially - are more 'prone' to tulpas/soulbonds/what have you. As a writer, myself, this makes sense, but I'm wondering... Has anyone used creative writing as part of the creation process? I mean, are there any writers on this forum who learned about the tulpa phenomenon and decided to approach creation through writing knowingly rather than unintentionally. I've seen many say that they were putting work into a work of fiction and a tulpa or similar thoughtform developed on
  18. So, I was just wondering if there's a term for this particular type of entity... I've always considered him to be a representation of myself. Basically my persona/avatar/alter-ego/whatever you want to call it. I oftentimes take his form when in wonderland, and my tulpas almost always call me by his name instead of my own, even if I'm not using his form. However, he also occasionally splits off from me and becomes tulpa-like, i.e. becoming an independent entity separate from me. He doesn't really feel like a tulpa per-se. All my other tulpas feel more separated from myself and are cle
  19. Everyone’s rushing to call tulpamancy a disorder, DID, or even schizophrenia as soon as they learn it’s not a practical joke and people actually practise tulpamancy. But is tulpamancy a disorder? Is it something you should be concerned about or treated for? Let’s begin with what tulpamancy is definitely not and that’s schizophrenia. Schizophrenia is a severe mental illness that is thought to have a significant but not solely genetic component; found in about 1% of the population worldwide. Schizophrenia involves a chronic psychosis, characterised by hallucinating (including multimodal hallu
  20. This topic originated from this thread here: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-accidental-soulbond-or-mental-illness-spurred-hallucination -Ranger Whoah whoah, how did I miss this?? NO, that is not true at all, jeez! I don't even know how to start refuting that because it's so out of nowhere, I mean there's been surveys and polls on the forum itself that showed more than half of us had nothing at all (not even depression or stuff), not to mention tons of tulpamancers didn't have tulpas appear naturally but had to work to create them, I mean.. just where did you even get that idea?
  21. This conversation originally came from this thread: https://community.tulpa.info/thread-accidental-soulbond-or-mental-illness-spurred-hallucination -Ranger That's because we focus more on tulpa-y soulbonds, and most soulbonds here are like that, whereas originally soulbonds tended to be more often (not always, but often) metaphysical in nature, or soulbonders in their beliefs they coulda seen it in threads pre-2014, I kinda wish people wouldn't read that stuff but they find their way to 'em anyways. the 4chan community of tulpa.info 2012-2013 was not nearly as open-minded or, uh, ni
  22. While talking to Miri and shield in the cBox, they brought up the fact their vision blurs when they "zone out" or "space out". For me, I end up staring at something without thinking about anything. I wonder if this has something to so with our difficulty learning switching?
  23. How to Dissipate a Tulpa by G of JGC Preface Hello. I understand the topic of this how-to guide may be upsetting to some. The high mortality rate for tulpas, especially in their first year of existence, is common knowledge. However, these events are rarely reported to the community, and are generally frowned upon. When someone is considering dissipation or after someone has dissipated a tulpa, they may be told: “If you are going/were going to dissipate them, why did you create a tulpa in the first place?” “If you weren’t ready, you should have known ahead of time.” “It is cruel/im
  24. [align=justify]Daily thread #25 For those of you who have experience with merging and named your merges, what's the story behind their names? (All daily threads are listed here.)[/align]
  25. Continue Reading → Note from GAT: While the page linked is clean/SFW, other pages/articles on Shinyuu's blog are not. Tread carefully if you are at work/school or are a minor. waffles noted you want a backup link too. I'm experimenting with off-site copies on medium.com, so this article will exist even if I die (unless medium dies first).
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