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  1. During narration, it's easy to reach a mental block and become unable to think of what to talk about to your tulpa. This list provides you with many different options for topics to use during narration, conversation, and vocality practice. For narrating, talk to your tulpa about anything that interests you. Don't worry about repeating yourself or telling your tulpa something they already know: the content is secondary to the actual act of talking to them consistently. Use this list for inspiration, talk to them as much as you can, and don't stress over whether or not it's the "righ
  2. Hi. I started creating my tulpa, Ciris, yesterday and i have a question about narration. When i talk to my tulpa, should i talk to her as if she knows everything i know, or consider her as a new born ? For example, should i be like: "Hey Ciris, this is my aunt, my mom, my brother and sister.." ? Thanks for replying :)
  3. Hi! Host here, Lolli; I'm very new to the forums, so I apologize if this has already been addressed, but this question isn't so much about forcing/visualization/dialogue or anything like that so much as the means to express these things. I'm an artist and I've doodled and drawn my first tulpa, Ichibod for years, and while Priscilla is young, my visualization of her is very strong now and they are both extremely vocal. Our new system is adjusting and it's fun, but it gets complex because they often talk between each other, or with me, or about general things that I'm not even involved in. I
  4. It's day 2 since I created my tulpa and I have been talking to her for an hour today ( I have been really busy ) After I talked to her and stopped visualising felt a bit.. woozy? I don't know how to describe it. Woozy is the best word to describe it. I only felt like that for a few minutes but on to the main thing. When I was talking to her I was visualising her and me in our wonderland and seeing her through my point of view and occasionally seeing us both. I talked to her about her personalities and how she had every right to make her own choices about well everything tbh. I asked her a few
  5. Hi , Sooo i have been trying to understand this for like 2 days now , I am maybe just retarded right now . I understand what is tulpish . Images , sounds , intentions (that is the definition right lol ?) Say i want to say in tulpish that i am coming home . I would send an image of me going somewhere and opening a door . But how could i possibly say that i am going "home" and most of all that i am going "right now" and i am not sending a fantasy or just a memory. I guess it would come from my intentions . And maybe here is the problem , how in the world do i do that ? Like when you
  6. I have been narrating to Lily for about a week, sitting down before bed and talking to her though she cant talk back yet, and sometimes I get too carried away with talking that I forget to visualise or pay attention to her. Sometimes i forget that I’m even now talking to her. And I was hoping that someone could either: Tell me if this is a bad thing or if this will halt the time it takes before she talks to me. Or if you could give me tips on how to stay focused. Thanks
  7. So ive made some significant progress with Zeryx, from the moment i made her i told her she was sentient and was a very smart girl capable of many things and im certain this is the biggest reason she has grown so quickly. Early on i didn't do much meditation or active forcing however i spent almost every moment image streaming and passively visualizing her near me (so imposition will be much easier in the future **hopefully** lmao) as well as involving her with my activities while giving her time to express herself in the wonderland. However i never did get into a habit of narrating so she had
  8. To explain better what i mean i must first express that i have noticed in my subjective experience that while forcing in general there are times when it is easier to communicate and times when its more difficult. Now there are many reasons for this but an interesting distinction has been made clear to me, focusing on the idea of who your tulpa is rather then them exactly causes a difference in the way *i communicate. This may not be true for some. However if im narrating while thinking about the idea of my tulpa seems to be a seperate experience from talking directly to them. What is weird is
  9. After reading a lot of guides, tips and posts on both /x/ and tulpa.info, I finally decided that having a tulpa as a companion would be ok. My tulpa is based on a fictional character so I decided to skip personality forcing (It's not yet sentient) Since I don't have enough time to spend exclusively on active forcing my tulpa, I decided to go for the passive forcing way and started narrating during my day, but it isn't as easy as I though it would be. This is because, whenever I start narrating, I try to visualize my tulpa in my "mind's eye", as if I was on a stage and my tulpa was the only o
  10. Hi! I'm new here and also creating a tulpa. I was trying to communicate my tulpa but I can't if it's my sub continuous or my tulpa. Can anybody help me?
  11. Should I parrot? Is narrating necessary? Does writing about my tulpa help? How does one talk to their tulpa for days nonstop without hearing anything back? Is there noise that will help? (I am listening to red noise while I write this) Is reading to your tulpa as good as normal talking? Does only thinking about your tulpa count as forcing? How come my tulpa is better at possessing than speaking? Are tulpas known to do things while their host sleeps and not even talk to their host? (I apparently walked upstairs and ate part of my dinner at the table with my family one night while I wa
  12. So, sometimes my tups say something, for example, Chi says "I'm angry with you" and then after a short time "I never said something like this." What is that? Someone experience with this?
  13. I know, it's a silly question, but the thing is: i created a second tulpa - a snow Leopard called Lia - yesterday which was able to speak after a short time... I was confused O.o but Chi said, he can feel her presence and "she's here". What do you think?
  14. I'm sure this has been posted before, but I couldn't find anything. What's some good stuff for conversation? And it can be anything, get creative if you want, hell make a whole list, anything is appreciated. Cause a lot of the time I don't know what to talk about and all I say is whats going on or hello or I read what I'm reading to them.
  15. Hello everyone. This should have been posted a long time ago, but I never got around to it. This is about me, and my tulpa, Star. You see, we started our journey around early January, and at first I did a hour everyday of personality work, and passive talking whenever I could. It was good at first, I got a really good real response two weeks in, in which they suggested that I talk to a friend of mine over something troubling me. Another time in which I got a response on their favourite color too(It's purple by the way). However, over time, once I felt satisfied working on personality, I tho
  16. I'm pretty new to the idea of Tulpae and Tulpa creation. I read several guides, and saw a simple how-to video, and am just starting out. But I was just wondering: could listening to Diana Deutsch's "Phantom Words" Auditory illusions assist you and your Tulpa with vocalization? Has anyone ever tried it? Because I think I've read a thread about listening to white noise, and music, and things like that helping with it, so would that also include the Phantom Words Illusions? I am looking forward to your responses!
  17. Hey, guys. Sooo, yeah, this is obviously just a little "trick", not even really that. But it's really helpful. This is obviously just useful for communicating with your tupper in actual words, not ideas or feelings or so. Basically - when you think, even though there's nothing to hear with your actual ears, you still sort of "hear" your thoughts, so to speak. Basic stuff, everyone knows that. And you can make it seem to yourself as if you hear your thoughts "off-center". Hard to describe, but just try and think some random sentences to yourself and try to make your mindvoice "move
  18. I have what I think is a very rare narration problem: I don't normally have a single thread of thought; I've pretty much always thought with a few (usually two to three) of myself talking to each's other(s), rather than having a single mindvoice (voice as in speaker, rather than tone of speech), and I'm having great trouble attempting to narrate because I can't seem to get my own voice(s) out of my head; when I puppet, I can't seem to keep the voices confined to their corresponding personalities; often I'll start her response in my voice and shift/correct it halfway through, and often the reve
  19. Schlondark on Narration Or “How do I keep talking?” The advice given in the two most widely-used guides of tulpa.info are as follows: Irish_: In my wonderland, with my idea in mind, I made the idea of the tulpa into just a blue cloud and basically started narrating to it. I just kept talking to it and talking to it telling it anything I could. I told it about my day, stories, ideas. Faq_man: Okay, anyway go about your life. Talk to your tulpa while you're going about your business; say anything really. Some people begin narration right off, and
  20. Basically, in order to direct narration to your tulpa, is it enough to think/say him/her name before I start narrating? Or do i have to visualize her form in my mind while talking or something like that? Thank you!!
  21. So, as some may know, I've been working on my tulpa a lot as of late. Unfortunately, though, thinks have been busy and I haven't natrated/visualized my tulpa in a week or so. Do I need to restart or can I just continue where I was?
  22. I am a new tulpamancer, and I was wondering what are some of the ways that you narrate or passive force to your tulpa(s) because I=narration can get boring, and I would like to see what you have found that is fun and effective. Thanks :)
  23. Hey everyone, I've searched for an answer to my question but haven't seemed to have found it. Georgia isn't vocal yet but she is trying to communicate with me. For the first time today she let out a high pitched squeal (which I heard), trying to get my attention. I can ask her to make noise but it appears to be at a frequency that I can not hear. the strange part is that my ears hurt when she tries to talk to me, the same hurting from hearing a sharp high pitched noise. Has this occurred for anybody else? Can anybody offer us a way to alter the frequency to one that suits the both of
  24. I was wondering if narration could be done through videos or an audio book. I thought that it could be easier and more efficient than standard narration. I am still working on my first tulpa so I wanted to know if this is a legitimate method or not. I'd like to think that it's working due to the head pressure I've been feeling, but that could also be due to the extensive amount of tulpa forcing I have done over the last three days. I would greatly appreciate any information on this subject. Thank you for reading.
  25. I was talking to my tulpa Opal today about a movie I had seen earlier. (She still hasn't talked, I am in the early narration process) there was a part that I really couldn't describe, so I just fixed the scene in my mind and tried to "push" it towards her. Would this work, or is it not reaching her?
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