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  1. I read several guides about possession but I still don't know how I can recheck my body once I'm possessed.
  2. [Bune] I wonder if performing multiple complex tasks at once such as reading and learning in addition to the loss of focus on who you are is connected to Ranger's blending problem with Gray. However, it is possible my experience was influenced by my lack of confidence or Gray being hungry. Has anyone had an experience similar to the following? Does this conclusion make sense? When Ranger pulled up his home work, he found out it was on memory. I was triggered awake and I wanted to read the content. As I was reading however, I heard a voice over mine and I felt confused about who I was. I the
  3. Introduction Learning possession consists of two parts. The host has to let go of control of the body, after which the tulpa can take over. In this guide I'll discuss the basics behind possession for both hosts and tulpas, the learning process, and I'll include some tips on symbolism you could use. As you go along, look for signs of progression and try to get some practice in every day. Like with learning any skill, consistency is the key to getting results. How to possess – the short version Possession can be achieved in many different ways, but when you strip it down to its fundamentals
  4. Daily thread #5, this time posted pretty late. [align=justify] (this question is addressed towards tulpas, but ofc hosts are free to respond on behalf of their tulpa(s)) [/align] What was the series of events that led up to you being able to control the physical body? How long did it take? How old were you, as a thoughtform? What went into it? What sort of challenges did you need to overcome, if any? What happened after? And so on. Provide as much detail as you wish, this is for sharing how the road to taking control went for you, and others can see the differences in people's stories
  5. Sometimes, when I read something on this website, I am left sitting in stunned silence for a while and wondering. I can understand the appeal of having a tulpa around that is an interesting character, like a pony, or a dragon, or some other adorable and entertaining companion. I can understand having a tulpa that is captivating or engaging in some way, something unusual that makes life more interesting for you. I can understand visualizing them, listening to them, and even imposing them so that you can communicate with them and hear them and see them. I can understand the appeal of wonderl
  6. As of now, My tulpa and I have been trying to 'arm wrestle', as in "one tries to lower the arm and the other tries to raise the arm". The problem is, I destroy her all the time unless i'm using about 2% of my power, pretentious, i know. Does anyone know how to increase a Tulpa's control over the body, as in have the tulpa be able to more forcefully control the body?
  7. Hello everyone, my name is Tsuagon. I am here to tell you a tale of what happened today with me and my Tulpa (Clefairy). It all started with a simple question: Should I lend Clefairy my body for a while? I thought about it for a few minutes and without thinking (sort of), I handed my body over to Clefairy. It felt... strange being possessed. I was in my body, but I didn't hear my thoughts or say what I'd normally say. It was Clefairy. I regained control for a while until I went to my Flex home base (which is basically a study hall). I handed my body over to Clefairy to see what he could do. It
  8. My Tulpa and I we are decided to learning possession and switching. My Tulpa now can possess almost full of my body and she can control also my mind voice and we speak that way each other. Now we are trying speak that way when i'm in work or somewhere but my friend tell me it's bad do it. So my question it's possession harmful for me or my Tulpa mental health someway? Have possession some health risk or not? thx
  9. Hi, I've never used this thread before but I'd like some help with possession. Limme possessed my hand and did it really well the first time but hit my face and now is a bit put off. It exhausted him and when we tried again it didn't work, what are we doing wrong? Additioanl info: Had Limme for a month. Been practicing for a week and a half. He became sentient and vocal in a few days. I'm autistic/asperger (does that impact anything?) Would love to hear replys.
  10. Possession Explained “Possession” refers to a tulpa’s ability to control the physical body. To newer systems, it may seem like a daunting and difficult task to achieve. However, it is nowhere near as difficult or strenuous as some may make it out to be. Possession is actually one of the easiest things a tulpa can learn how to do. They key to possession lies not in the tulpa’s ability to grab control of the body, but in the tulpa’s ability to become the active thinker: controlling the stream of thought allows them to move the body just as easily as the host can, given
  11. I swear I made this thread before, but after looking though my threads I couldn't find any duplicates. If this is a duplicate, please merge it with another one. I have heard from other Tulpas that they experience the world through watching what their hosts do, being able to step forward and chime in whenever they feel like. With Ranger on the other hand, sometimes he ends up entering a "dormant" state where he seems to completely dissociate and waking him up leads to him being confused as to what's going on around him without any recollection as to what happened. He has access to my memorie
  12. First time, we thought it was cool and strange. Second, Cassidy just wanted in. Third time, and now we're having the "how much can I look like I'm talking to myself" talk. Occasionally, when my tulpas laugh, they laugh [i/]through[i/] me. I am not laughing: I suppose it's possession, the same way Cassidy was taught to twitch my left hand for attention. It has the same, "not-me" feeling that their own thought-voices do in my head. Plus, they laugh very differently. We read some bad pun- I don't remember what- and Gavin started laughing through me. It was deep, and throaty, and we all ins
  13. Here's something a bit light-hearted. Our system likes to voice call a lot. We didn't really think there was any difference between our voices other than Indigo, as he has a higher pitch with more of a lisp. Sometimes, though, we accidentally swap who's talking and don't notice until we realize what we're saying. This happened one time with me, and I said, "Whoops, it's Tacio now" and the friend we were talking to said, "yeah, I noticed." I was surprised by this, because I didn't know the difference was enough to be able to tell. Apparently, though, we all have different enough tones and in
  14. I have created a tulpa with the sole purpose of being with her in my world of wonders permanently. She already has consciousness but I have never managed to change body with her or at least that she controls part of my body. I do not know why I can not do it, I've done it a thousand times but it never comes out, maybe I should be in a hypnotic trance to achieve it then I would have to learn self hypnosis but I can not master self hypnosis either
  15. We often have trouble finding the time we need to extensively practice possession. During a moment of downtime, the answer to our problems suddenly came to us, in the form of a game that can be played anytime, anywhere. You can even play in in the presence of other people, and it doesn't have to take more than a few seconds at a time to play. This guide does assume that you have succeeded in possession already. It doesn't matter how limited your experiences are, all that matters is that you can do it. From there, this game will help you practice in a way that is easy, and has the added bene
  16. Please help me. This is urgent. My wife needs her tulpa Silver. They've been together since she was very young. But when my wife met me, so did her tulpa. Only an hour ago, her tulpa took control, blocked out my wife'a ability to hear (putting her "to sleep") and told me that she loves me more than my wife does. And since I don't love the tulpa in the same way, the tulpa wants to abandon my wife. She (the tulpa) loves me so very much and I'm breaking her heart. But I love my wife. What should I do? If the tulpa leaves my wife will be devastated. She'll be so lonely when I go to work... I love
  17. If i teach my tulpa how to control my body, can it then also control my body while i'm sleeping? I don't want to have it make sleep walking.
  18. Or if you can't possess, what would you like to do if you could? Just general activities you like or used to like.
  19. Heaven seems to be a natural at this! I have one question about the typical duration though. It seems that she can only lift my arm/hand/leg, etc. to a certain height, but if I direct her to point at something say on the ceiling, she'll use my finger to try to point at it but can't lift my arm above like a couple inches from where I let my arm relax. She seems almost eager to be able to "control" a part of me, but she also seems very gentle about it. How long is possession typically? If I leave the connection there, without asking for control back, will she continue to control my hand/arm/leg,
  20. Amber: Niteo and I have been practicing possession recently (we have had extensive practice in the past), and he's been possessing for the past few days. However, it's been a bit unusual because lately I've been feeling different as he's been in control. It's like my mind has become less active. I can still think and perceive things. I'm still attuned to the body's senses. I just feel like I am not thinking as much, like my mind as slowed down or something. Our current plan is to let him stay in control for as long as he can at this point, but I wasn't aware I was supposed to feel like this
  21. My tulpa and I first viewed possession as a curious experiment, but it quickly became a goal for her to get the hang of it. She became very serious about the subject, and I'm trying to help her along, but we've hit a wall. In order to do anything, I need to lay down and enter a half-conscious state. From there, my tulpa can attempt movement. A few nights ago, she managed to tap with my right index finger a couple times, but hasn't been able to reproduce it since. Now, we can't get movement anymore, yet it feels so very close. My hands will feel a numb tingling, they have a strong desire
  22. Before I get jumped, yes I've read guides, but I'd like to know more about the specific act of dissociation that the host undergoes to give control to their tulpa. With that out of the way, here's the longer version. Zaya and I have been progressing at a very rapid rate, one that I honestly didn't forsee, and although it's great, I don't want to not do things right. Much like plankton, I honestly didn't think I'd get this far (/spongebob), and I've neglected further research that is ultimately necessary to continue our progression. This isn't to say I haven't read up on it. However, I f
  23. I was sitting in band today and was thinking about possession (still a very long way off for me, of course.) I thought a fun exercise some day for me and my tupper would be to play a musical instrument together. I play euphonium and string bass- controlling lungs migh be a very daunting task, but she could at least take over for my right hand and play the fingerings. Bass would probably be easier, but we can still just do one hand at a time while we're learning. Could be a fun bonding exercise, kinda like when two friends try to play a video game with one controller, each person sharing half
  24. Last night I was watching a documentary about people controlling robots and robotic limbs with there mind while wearing a headset. Does this mean a tulpa could possess a robot?
  25. Hello! So i was bored and talking to my tulpa i offered him trying possession. He's not even vocal, so I thought that maybe writting could be good to communicate. I told him to move the hand right for "yes" and left for "no". I asked him questions and even let him type in the phone. After that, he wrote "Hello, my name is Reutyy" and then typed like a lot of 6 and "y". I asked him if he wanted this name and wrote a yes. But it felt so weird talking like that, and now I'm frightened. He told me that he would get mad if I wrote about him in the forums, but I'm scared. Maybe it was
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