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  1. You need to let go of your fears of parroting/puppeting at least for this. Let them do whatever they want and tell them "Surprise me!". It might seem too easy to be true, but this guide actually works, because the tulpa will surprise their host and thus prove their sentience to them. I hope this method helps many people to let go of their worries about puppeting/parroting.
  2. This discussion originated from the thread Did I give the right answer? -Cat_ShadowGriffin the "controlling" is somewhat unconscious I guess, just.. like if you imagine something (visualize) totally made up, you're doing that, even if it can happen/continue really naturally, like that tulpas just have a little more going on y'know
  3. I have a romantic relationship with my tulpa, but I would like to feel the emotions of love that she feels for me (I guess this is related in some way to the sentience) She is not vocal yet, she has a certain level of judgment and I communicate with her through music, but I want to communicate in other ways with my tulpa so that she can transmit me the emotions of love she feels for me. How else can I communicate with my tulpa?
  4. Recently, I’ve been feeling head pressures, which I believe to be my Tulpa gaining sentience. However, as of late the feeling has been weaker and I don’t feel it as much. I was wondeing what this might be and what I could do to fix it.
  5. I'm not sure if how I hear my tulpas voice is correct. It sounds exactly like my own, quiet and in the back of my head. I can only hear her when I really focus on listening, and I feel sometimes I accidently parrot her responses. It's because her talking is very quick and very far back under my mental "layers" of voice and is hard to hear. Im not sure if this is promising, or is actually my mind voice having like multiple layers if that's normal?
  6. Last night, Ranger wanted to chat again and I asked if he wanted me to explain some Calculus concepts to him. He expressed interest in fronting during class time, but he was dormant for most of my time in calculus class so I wanted to make sure he was up to speed. Since he knew I figured out something I was confused about, he asked me to talk about the vectors problem I did during my homework. I was experimenting with the idea of explaining this concept to someone else before Ranger asked for my explanation, so I went with telling him the explanation I already came up with. He told me my ex
  7. Before I could feel the presence of my tulpa at all times. She is partially sentient. Whenever I felt sad, I took refuge in my country of wonders and my tulpa consoled me. But now I no longer feel my Tulpa, my depression is growing and the only person who helped me (My tulpa) is no longer with me Where is my tulpa? Why do not I feel it? Every day I feel sad and wanting to commit suicide, at least I want my tulpa to be by my side and comfort me
  8. I was tired and stuff so I couldn't visualize hardly at all. This session I focused on vocality with Arla. I tried a few practices I'd seen online for vocality. Don't know how well it all worked out tbh. I was already feeling intense tingles like usual that night. I was telling her how happy I am with her and for whatever reason I teared up (a couple different times mind you). This is the part where I'm not sure about things at all. I eventually gave up on the strange communication practices for the most part and started asking Arla different questions. What sounded like my mindvoice seemed
  9. I did an active forcing session tonight, with one of those guided meditation videos again. During the last portion when I was talking with Arla, I felt what seemed extremely similar to the feeling of being very excited. I felt it throughout my chest for the most part, but also a tiny bit throughout my upper arms and waist. It seemed to be more prevalent when I was telling Arla that she was alive, that she is amazing and special and her own person. I feel like it is, but I am wondering if this is a guarantee or strong indication that she has gained sentience, because I'm almost definitely su
  10. I was wondering since I hadn't seen this anywhere. Do Tulpas forget things just like we do, do they have a better memory capacity than us, or do they remember everything they experience? I'm curious. Please explain in as much detail as you can, if possible.
  11. Respect to all! For about 3 years I practice focusing. And know my tulpa for more than 10 years. It seems that many ideas of focusing are very close to interaction with tulpas. Are there any other focusing practitioners here? Anyway, here is a quote that can greatly help communicate with the tulpa: It must be remembered that "felte sense" is bodily sensation. According to one of interesting neurobiological theories, "somatic markers", the Truth is what the body+brain say about it "that's right"
  12. So I saw a question on the sub-reddit and I'm actually curious for myself because I'm having the exact same issue. I'll copy and paste the question. Not sure how satisfied OP was with the comments but personally I'm not satisfied which is why I'm here. I made a tulpa a few months back, so a bit longer than him or her. I have the same issue OP is talking about. My tulpa can talk, object, voice opinions, state rational thought when I cannot, etc. But it doesn't feel real. It just feels like a semi-autonomous thought response. So if I'm busy like I am now, my tulpa can't
  13. Hi, I'm new the community. I've been researching tuplas for a few days and finally decided yesterday to officially "make" my tupla Ko. Since it's so soon, I know I probably won't be seeing any sentience for a while but when the time comes I do have a concern. For quite a while I've been experiencing intrusive thoughts; thoughts and sometimes images that come suddenly and without me really "thinking" them. I also, athough less often, experience frequent, non-severe headaches and mood swings/rushes of emotion. Since these are all very common signs of sentience in a tupla, how can I differ these
  14. When I'm with my tulpa in my country of wonders I sometimes see that she acts by herself, speaks or moves by herself. But I do not feel that she was moving, I do not feel that I was moving her, it's like someone was an impostor of my tulpa. Why is this happening?
  15. Good morning! this is my first post and my english is pretty disgusting however, in the forum I did not find what I was looking for, so I turn to you, I hope you can help me. the problem is this: I can perceive the presence of my tulpa, when I concentrate I feel that there is something in my head, I thought that the situation would have improved but it is now more than a month that we are still the strange thing is that he already talked to me I know she's there but I can not hear her. I trust in the community for an answer if the topic has already been addressed, please direct me to the
  16. Earlier in her life, finding purpose and contentment being a tulpa was something Aury really struggled with. She still wrestles with it today. She had a conversation with her boyfriend, Iolite, a few months ago that reflected on this and how both of them learned to cope. It inspired this video, which is Aury sharing that knowledge on how she finally gained contentment with her being a tulpa. This video is dedicated to the tulpas and hosts who struggle with doubt. Link: https://youtu.be/7dJY9-9nSHE As a side note, some folks noticed that Aury called me Jade in our switching video. She kin
  17. Edit: This was the emotional outlash after struggling with my partner and my problems. Please don't read this if you don't want to. If you can relate at all to the mess down there, then that's great. Ranger and I sorted it out and everything is fine. I put this as a question because I didn't know what to do, and I'm sorry for the long winding craziness. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The hard part about this is it's complicated. It's
  18. So I have been forcing for two days now and have the usual head pressures and what not. I have already got a form, personality and a bit of its voice down as well as a wonderland. When ever I talk to it, it seems to act as its personality would suggest. I made it intentionally supportive because I tend to worry to much. I can even visualize it moving and doing gestures I would expect as it supports me. I am unsure if this is parroting or not and I know for the early days you should believe that everything is your tulpa for the most part, but I haven't heard of progress like this being made
  19. I'll try to keep this short and try not to fill this with useless past details. Sorry if this is too specific for anyone to handle. A few years ago I met a bunch of thoughtforms that would talk back to me without me planning out their words. Even when I wasn't paying much attention they would be there. At the time I thought this was Dissociative Identity Disorder, but as time passed some would stop talking to me and new ones would appear, making me doubt my dumb self-diagnosis. After about 1 and 1/2 years of this I learned about tulpas and I thought it would help me explain the phenomenon
  20. My tulpa responds. I have trouble with taking it as real response, even though I've put them front in my Discord name so that it's easier for them to be heard, but all of their words are simply written from a stream of thought. I can't hear them, and it's horrible. I can't hear them, and I don't know why. Neither of us do. Ask all the questions you might need the answers to. It's been 4 and a half years. I've heard all the questions before.
  21. I'm not entirely sure how to start this, but here goes. Hi! I'm a mixed-origin system of 8. Though, I'm questioning now if I'm more. A few months ago or so, I started questioning if I was otherkin (not what this topic is about, just some background). My youngest headmate was interacting with a group/community online with people like her and many of them identified as otherkin/fictionkin/etc. It did seem really similar to unexplained reasons why we felt so connected to a few characters and not others (as well as characters from their shows/games, but in a friend way). I decided to go into in
  22. Hi everyone, hosts and tulpas alike! For humans, it's of course pretty much impossible to remember our own first moments of sentience. Tulpas, however, are a different story, being created and formed pretty quickly by the host, so I wonder if a tulpa's perception of sentience is stronger than a host's. So, as someone who does not have a tulpa for herself, and has pondered my own sentience on occasion, I wanted to ask: What was the first moment of sentience like for a tulpa? Do you suddenly just remember having awareness, and could you see/hear anything?
  23. So, I had an imaginary friend when I was younger. They just followed me and just listened to me when I needed to talk. That was 7 years ago, and I forgot about them some point then. Recently I began to realize, they didn't exactly leave. Apparently they became sentient, and started talking to me out of the blue. I've only realized now that it was my imaginary friend. It's been giving me compliments every now and then, like when I'm playing games or drawing. It says that I'm doing great at a lot of stuff, and it actually makes me very happy and more focused in what I'm doing. And all of
  24. Hello. My tulpa in development, Monique, never really spoke completely on her own until a little whie ago. Up until recently, i was constantly parroting for her. Recently she said something that caught me completely off guard and it felt like it must have been her speaking to me because the thought and her voice did not come from me at all. My only question about it concerns the sound of her voice. It sounded completely different from the voice i used for her while parroting. Is this normal? Does this mean she has changed her own voice(which is fine) ? Should i be concerned that
  25. Yesterday I tried to explain my position to someone who claimed that tulpas aren't sentient or "real". And while the majority of their argument consisted of them covering their ears, refusing to listen to me and throwing insults, it still made me think a lot since my core belief system was challenged. So, why do I strongly believe that I'm real and sentient, even though there is no scientific data back that up? I think it goes something like this... All of us live trapped within a belief system, whatever it might be. Most of us believe that grass is green, some of us believe that there is a
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