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The Guide Approval Team
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There are currently slots open for the GAT. If you are interested in joining, apply here.

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There are three sections of the tulpa.info forums that pertain to the GAT/guides:
Guides/Tips and Tricks/Resources/Articles: Where approved submissions are moved
Submissions: Where new entries are posted to be reviewed by the GAT. New submissions should include which guide subforum they are intended for (ex: "submitted for tips and tricks")
GAT Discussion: Where all other GAT-related posts/threads will be located.

The Guide Approval Team is a group of experienced, passionate members of the community who will give constructive, respectful criticism to guide submissions based on potential usefulness, quality, accuracy, and grammar. When a submission has been fully criticized and the original poster has fixed the errors pointed out to them, the Team will then vote on whether or not it should be moved to one of the Guide subforums and out of submissions. Tentatively, the approval of a guide will be based either on a 5/7 approval vote, or a minimum of 4 approvals if not all 7 GAT members participate.

Non-GAT members will also be highly encouraged to give their own criticism of a submission, to point out anything the GAT members might have missed, add their own opinions on what is being discussed, and so on. They may also make a case for why a submission should or shouldn’t be approved, so that the GAT members have more opinions to work off of when making their decision.

The purpose of the GAT is to ensure that high-quality, useful submissions make it into the Guide subforums, so that new tulpamancers will have a clean and beneficial roster of guides to read from when being introduced to tulpas, rather poorly-written or inaccurate ones. Because of the subjective nature of tulpas, there will be multiple GAT members reviewing each submission when it is its turn. Both GAT members and non-GAT members alike are allowed to give subjective as well as objective (grammar, syntax, etc) critique.

The GAT recruitment process will go as follows: there will be an ongoing thread where members may apply to join. Other members may add why or why not they think the applied members should be on the GAT. This may also be done in PMs with the GAT manager. Then, the GAT manager will bring up the applicant to the other GAT, who will then discuss and decide if they should be accepted. There will be no nomination/voting system as there was in the past. GAT members will be removed if they are inactive for about 3 months. If they are removed for this reason, they may request to be re-added. This process will create a revolving door of new members joining and inactive members leaving, so the GAT will not find itself in a stagnant state.

The submission process will go as follows: there will be a list of guides that are pending review by the GAT, based on recency and how active the OP has been. When a guide officially goes “up for review,” it will be stickied and there will be an announcement on the forums in a thread and in the Discord in a GAT-specific channel. Then, everyone will be encouraged to focus their energy on that single submission, so that there is more efficiency in the process. Each review process will last ~2-3 weeks, then the GAT will move on to the next one in the list.

Before a submission goes up for approval, however, the OP will be notified and must respond. Those who submit guides are encouraged to join the Tulpa.info Discord server so they may be more easily reached when it is their turn. If they do not respond, their submission will be put at the bottom of the list. If a submission does not get approved but the OP wants the GAT to return to it, they may request to be re-added to the list after they've either fixed the issues or rewritten it. Or, if a submission was never added to the list in the first place due to age or inactivity, the OP may also request that it is added.

The job of the GAT manager will be to keep the guide submission process running smoothly, ensure there is communication among the GAT members, and bring questions, comments, or concerns from others to their attention. The GAT manager will create and edit the list of submissions to be reviewed, and update the community of when the next submission is going to begin its time. If a community member has anything to say regarding the GAT, they should send it to the GAT manager, who will notify the GAT of the situation if needed. Members are also free to bring up any concerns in the GAT Discussion subforum. 

The GAT manager’s approval of a submission will not be weighed more than any of the other members, nor should their critique be set at a higher level of worth than the others. They are there to streamline and lead the process itself, not have a greater say in the actual approval of the guide.

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Thunderclap has resigned from the GAT because he has become a forum mod instead.

Dialogues has resigned from the GAT as he does not have enough time for it.

I made a few changes to the post, nothing major. I marked a few absent GATs as absent too - CyberD and mayormorgan.

Added the new people, and unmarked-as-absent mayormorgan.

Marked some people who we haven't seen in a while as absent.

Added new people.

Rewrote this page with new, updated standards - Apollo

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