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Accidental dissociation?
So, we had a pretty unnerving experience a few hours ago. On my way to the store I felt a very unusual head pressure that slowly worked its way to the right, growing in size and intensity. I took it as a sign of development, as I had felt a similar sensation the day Alaire became fully vocal.

However, a few moments after going inside, I realized I couldn't think right - I was in an odd daze, and it was hard to maintain thoughts or interact with things. It continued to worsen until I was reduced to a sort of autopilot, inefficiently going about my business. I really tried to snap out of it, but it just felt... okay to stay that way? Not a great state to be in in the middle of Wal-mart. The entire trip is just a blur with fragments of information here and there, while the head pressure is still noticeable, accompanied by a headache and mental fatigue.

Does anyone have advice to prevent this or a idea as to what could have happened in the first place? Sorry if this isn't the right area to post this in.

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It sounds somewhat similar to some forms of migraine. I'd explain that to a doctor though. Stressing about it could exacerbate the situation though, so just relax, and assume it was a spike of a migraine. I've had one that was triggered by stress that basically made it so that i could barely hear my mindvoice. Years ago I had occipital migranes that would temporarily mess with my vision. All stress related.
Hi Xifani. I am a doctor, retired, and I definitely think you should report that episode to a doctor. I don't know enough about you, but the possible causes include several that are very dangerous. Please do not assume any explanation that does not come from a medical professional. Yours, Theholodoc
Yes, same, but not a doctor - see a doctor. This type of dissociation is not normal in tulpamancy and we can't help you with it. It's the medical type of dissociation, which while the same word we use for switching, is not the same. It's medically significant and you should see someone about it if it recurs. A basic doctor can recommend if/who to see further, I'm not good at the different terms of who to see but the person who does your basic checkups is.

Edit: Originally read "few moments of this" as "few months of this" - my post was mostly written in response to that, I changed it a bit. This could still be medically significant, but only if it happens again. I'm not going to say you should immediately see a doctor, it very well could've been something weird with you getting distracted by your inner world or something (still not really healthy). But unless it happens again, I dunno, just keep it in mind. If it's of the level where you wouldn't feel safe driving when it happened, that's when you see a doctor.
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If you have a plan and it allows it, something like this could at least warrant an email to your doctor.

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