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Ace Palu: Skies Unknown
Hello, everyone! My account is new here, but I’ve been lurking here for about a week, and exploring Tulpas for about the last three, I think? After extensive research, I have decided to start discovering a Tulpa of my own. With the encouragement of a friend, I feel like documenting this will also help development, as it has with many of you.

So, for this first entry, I will be describing my false starts, as well as my first formal session.

I first tried to use a tulpa creation assistance hypnosis track, but when I tried it twice, all it did was put me in sleep paralysis the first time and made me fall asleep the second time. So a few days later, I re-evaluated my strategy, and decided to down a Red Bull and listen to a meditation track to help me stay calm but also awake and focused. (For some reason Red Bull doesn’t make me jittery like it does some, and it actually worked better than I expected). I then started what I think is a pretty standard narrating session, focusing on my introduction and some personality forcing.

I decided early on that having a character as a template to start out with would be beneficial to me, as I struggle with creating things in my mind out of thin air. I chose Palutena as my baseline. She is a character from the Kid Icarus and Super Smash Brothers series of video games, for those who don’t know. She is a goddess in her games, making her very wise, kind, and intelligent. I feel like many of those attributes would be good to instill in a tulpa, so I’m using her form, name, and personality as launching points or placeholders, while making it clear that she will be able to change anything she doesn’t like about it in the future.

One of the big things people say is to refer to your tulpa as if it's already there, so I started by introducing some basic tulpa concepts to her, as well as her name. I also made it clear that anything we go over would be subject to change at her discretion, whether that be her name, appearance, personality, pronouns, etc. Then I started going over certain personality traits. I think I got to compassion, loyalty, and inquisitiveness, defining and giving examples of each one in action. This was all in my mind voice, by the way. I was doing this all in my head, but the music actually helped me focus my thoughts, and I didn't feel like I was talking to myself. Then I decided to ask her some direct questions, hoping to illicit some reaction, and I noticed two things that could have been her responses. One was a kind of tightening of my tongue, which may have been a negative response as it was uncomfortable, and a tensing of my abs, which could have been a positive response. I also felt a warmth in my chest when I asked if she could cause something to happen there, but it is likely that I just did that myself. I won't rule out either possibility. I guess the important takeaway is that something is definitely there.

I’m going to have a second session tonight, and I’ll probably post about it tomorrow. Hopefully you guys can give me some feedback and/or recommendations, as I’m sure I’m still making some rookie mistakes.

Thank you for reading, and there is definitely more to come!

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Sounds perfect so far. Good luck.
(03-01-2019, 04:35 PM)Angry Bear Wrote: Sounds perfect so far. Good luck.

Thank you, the encouragement really helps!
Alright, since my last post I have had about two active forcing sessions, but I don’t know how productive they were. The second one I had much later than I was expecting, and I was very tired while doing it. I was trying to talk to Palutena more about her personality, but I was constantly getting distracted by my position on my bed. Eventually, I realized that we weren’t getting very far and decided to go to sleep.

After I got home today, however, I decided to immediately try another active session, and we got a bit more into the personality, but then I got too comfortable and fell asleep. I woke up maybe about an hour later, and decided to ditch the meditation music, as it was the one thing I hadn’t tried yet. I decided do a bit more research on narrating and read a few different progress reports, and then I restarted the session, but this time talking aloud and trying to be as honest as possible to her. I told her my qualms with what I’ve been doing so far, and how I still had doubts that any perceived responses were me and not her. I made it clear that this wasn’t intentional and I didn’t want to offend her in any way, it was just going to be very difficult for me at this early stage. I decided to do a bit more personality forcing, but I feel like she has a good enough idea of her personality already, so I was then at a loss of what to do.

I’m feeling against trying to do visualization work just yet, because we should come up with a short term goal or plan before that. I decided to read some more things on this site, actively trying to have her presence with me so she could absorb the information as well. I then suggested to her that our first goal should be to make it so she can come up with some way to respond to me, even if it’s not vocal. It has been very difficult to parse my thoughts from her responses, as it all sounds like me making responses for her.

I then suggested to Palutena that maybe our system will be that of a lot of passive forcing. Even now, I can feel her there as I type this. I’m pretty sure I can, anyway. I plan on doing a few things, like playing video games or watching TV, and see how she reacts.

I’m also going to ask if you guys have any suggestions for me or Palutena on how she can develop that response. Again, I’m not talking about her being vocal just yet, we’re just trying to figure out a way for her responses to be noticeable.
There is a recent vocality exercise that people really like, try that one.
Alright, so it’s been a bit since I posted, but a lot has happened, and it has been very confusing for me.

So, I’ve tried many different methods of forcing since my last post, including the vocality excersise that Angry Bear posted, but I still couldn’t shake the feeling that the vocal responses I was getting were me puppeting Palu. So, I eventually landed on Linkzelda’s self-hypnosis, of which I’ve done at least one session since Sunday. At this point, it has slightly lessened my doubt and reinforced that she’s there only a little bit, but progress is progress, I guess.

I also think I’ve found some of the things she likes. She really seemed to enjoy watching me play Ace Combat 04, which is a game I just recently started, and have been trying to play more since, because I get a wave of excitement when I suggest it. Flight also seems to be a common theme with her, and I should probably explore that further.

I feel like I’ve been the most in touch with her today, as I’ve been feeling head pressures that are definitely different from my normal headaches, and I think I’ve been getting more emotion responses to things.

The most interesting thing, though, is that she seems to not want a wonderland. Every time I suggest it, I feel a tensing in my neck, which seems to be a general negative response for when I ask questions or assume incorrect responses. Is this common behavior?

Also, do you guys have any recommendations for us so far, or are we on the right track? Again, thanks for reading!
Hi, I'm sure our tulpas will get along well once they're both vocal, as they both have a Nintendo character as their base form (lol, stupid reason maybe, but I felt like saying it... ;P)

My tulpa's base form is Fiora from Xenoblade. When I decided on a base form for her, Palutena was actually one of the contenders.

One way of communication that sometimes work for us (not everyday for some reason, but I think maybe it's because I was having too much doubts lately) is with hand pressures. For example, I tell her the left hand is "yes", and right hand is "no", and then ask yes/no questions. Might not work right away, but you can try it once in a while. But if you already have a way to communicate yes/no answers with her, do whatever already works for you, like that tensing in the neck. (It's not common as far as I know, but every tulpa and host are different and whatever works for you is the best ; tulpamancy is a very personal experience.)

Can't help much more than that since I'm still a noob, but you seem to be on the right track.
Yes/no response is a crucial first step. I've been saying at that point you can try proxying her, it's just saying what you think she would say and them ask for confirmation. Eventually she can learn that method for communication and you'll at some point discover that she'll not need proxy anymore.

Good luck to both of you!
So, I had the idea to change the thread name to something a bit more unique and appropriate. Don’t worry, I probably won’t change it again, I know that can be frustrating for some. Another update post is soon to come, this was just a spur of the moment thing.
I've changed mine, i don't think anyone cares all that much. We'll read it and try to help regardless.

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