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Not really sure where to begin. some how i have a third tulpa, and everyone's got new names and forms. this all kinda happened recently too. i hadn't been active here for a while but i had still been at it. I know people are going to dislike this but i hadn't actually put much time into active forcing. which is why it's taken me YEARS to get as far as i had. also i now have a better insight to tulpamancy. Also i'm done trying to keep up scheduled posts, i think it was burning be out, expecting to have something exciting by the next dead line was a buzz kill.

Ill start by listing some things that'd helped me after understanding it. 
the first of which was finally realizing what it felt like to have a tulpa talk. i knew it would be a mind voice, and maybe mine, but for me there was nothing alien about hearing them talk. they sounded like i did. after getting over my self delusion doubt spunk, i was able to tell their voices out from my own. parroting helped us by showing them how to convey their thoughts into words. they started talking more because and then i didn't have to do it any more. It was supper useful but because of it i was "parrotnoid". twas but a road bump though
Secondly was looking into parallel processing. I forgot the guide but it got me to think of the thought stream, and how its distributed. Normally i'm taking up all of it, unless i grab onto them with my attention. my goal is to see if we cant divide the thought stream between the four of us and see how functional we are then at the very least, give them enough throughout the day to function independently. but with this new minds set, i have a new approach to tulpamancy.
Lastly, the bane of my existence. the actual mindset. you cant be dismissive, you cant over analyze, you cant just accept anything. you have to be open enough to listen, but cognitive enough to sort through the thoughts your getting. I found out this is VERY hard for those who don't like being wrong, or are afraid of being wrong. you will have to work around that, being okay with being wrong is needed, for the very beginning in the very least.

 Ill now do a reintroduction.
Spheax- takes the form of a small pinkblooded troll (from homestuck, she chose it)(Also i love rubbing her fins like one might a cat or dogs ears). she's the eldest tulpa of mine, shes about five (though underdeveloped because i thought i could get away with only daydreaming and passive forcing. she's way better as of late). her personality is more energetic, and she is now quite mischievous. usually has something funny to say.
Evelyn- She has a elven form. she looks like Shera from how not to summon a demon lord, but is six four (still shorter than me, HA!)She seems sweet and giggly,which she is, but she hides a bit of a dark side (perverse that is) though she never displays it unless prompted, or unless she throws a innuendo, she is known for that. other than that she's usually optimistic and is really kind and cheerful. also the second oldest tulpa.
Vastilla- Also takes a troll form from homestuck. she is a yellow blood, just under six foot. kinda voluptuous, kinda sounds like lust from full metal alchemist and speaks similarly as well. she's condescending, but in a caring way. a sort of tough love carried by sarcastic remarks. she's more straight forward with her intentions than Evelyn or Speax are though. it's also fun to talk about how useless other people can be at work with her.

Ill try to remember to post some time later if something neat happens. Like the time we all tried thinking in tulpish as fast as we could to each other to see what it was like. it worked but we had to slow down because eventually we had to still process everything. it lasted maybe ten to fifteen seconds.
We started a pattern. Today i'm putting the front of my effort to Evelyn. tomorrow it will be Spheax. however we decided to go in a order that calls for Evelyn to go again, then it will be Vastilla's turn. she was my patron tulpa yesterday. 
Yesterday with Vastilla, we did a lot of visualization and form forcing. she showed me a spot in the wonderland that looked like a cave but was a glass triangular room with galaxies and space on the other side, like a glass box floating through space. it was neat and unexpected.
Other than that, iv'e discovered the wonders of circle pacing. I can visualize and day dream really easily when i pace, so i paced in a circle focusing on the air i'm pacing around and imposing Evelyn's presence, while visualizing her standing in the spot. I believe the moving around helps me visualize her because my brain gets how something looks if i move around it? any ways, with this i get visualization, imposition, and narration. we are talking the whole time. 
This is all i can remember for now, cheers.
Oh yes, taking turns each day helped us a lot! We don't need it anymore, but it was so much better.
You ever call your tulpa indecisive, just to have them tell you they got it from you? Any ways everyone has new forms, Spheax is using 2B as her form, Evelyn is still elven, but is now a foot taller than me and has light brown skin (or is it a dark tan?) also her hair is Orange (i would say red, but its solid orange). Vastilla is now a small petite dullahan. nothings mixed up in the thought stream, i know who's who.  That's all the real progress, i constantly talk with them throughout the day. Focusing on one a day (although i encourage the others to hop in often. No ones left out on my watch!)
While working i found a new way to force. I should say my job iv'e gotten down to muscle memory, and people are use to me being quite and staring off into the distance (everyone knows i'm a day dreamer more or less) but now instead of day dreaming and taking advantage of muscle memory and my pacing trance thing, through out work i can visualize any one of my head mates doing as i do. their mimicing me and i'm not puppet-ing. they've confirmed for me, but i can also see them like i'm looking at a 3d model, i can spin them around and look at all angles, but weirdly enough only while i'm moving and doing something. there's a lot going on in one moment but the visualization while doing this for me is astounding.
i'm off to cause more things to write about. Everyone says hi. (their thinking about getting involved in the pr, Spheax just doesn't feel like chiming in like she did when the pr first started)
(before i forget  BEAR! grey (now Evelyn) does say hi. secondly Misha, about how long until you didn't have to worry as much about turns? i know progress is different for everyone, but id like to know for fact's sake)
Oof, we've been busy. and made a lot of progress. Visualizations been easy, but staying focused isn't. That's been my main problem. Literally repetition is key, and somehow i blew over a lot of practices like visualization because it was easy. I don't know how i expected to make progress without daily repetition, aside from talking to each other. And alot of self discovery happend. (i might have been in the lgbtq community as a transgender but that has been put to rest. I was trying to change myself in the wrong way. I don't regret it either, it was a learning experience).
In my tumblr, i posted about new forms and names, and another tulpa. In short, listed from oldest to youngest: me(9T), J9, O5, A2, 2B. we're sticking with these forms and names because imposing is hard, and i'd rather not have to do another form every other month, as had been tradition. I'm currently working on imposing 2B (she took 2B's name, voice, and form. She chose them, she knows she's not her) (2B-it's because 9T has a hard time visualizing original forms, using 2B as a base had made it easier to get him to engage in forcing. he'd get upset because he couldn't get every little detail right, or worried it wasn't right. progress is stream lining now that he has a reference).

Yesterday i was trying to impose, and iv'e made relative progress. I walk back and forth looking to the side at a wall while imposing 2B's image, then look forward and remember the past few moments, but with her imposed in the memory, turn around and repeat. I'm getting a slight phantom silhouette. Along with the recent practices, i'm getting head aches. it's been a while since iv'e had those. And on top of that, post session i had phantom dots appear in my vision and as the moved around they left a trail, like a boat in water would. there were about eight of them, and it lasted no more than five seconds. i asked 2B and she said "i was trying something".

(looking at my last post it's funny to see J9 was using 2B's form before her XD, what a wild ride.)
We've been working on imposition and visualization for the past week. No SOLID progress in the two days since last post, however while imposing presence and open eye visualizing i patted 2B's head and i felt her get all happy and excited. I'd probably do more stuff like that if i wasn't self conscious of looking crazy to someone walking in my room. Not to mention my room is actually a sun room so 3/4 of my walls are literally windows. Also id like to leave this here. It's a link to a reddit post i made stating my findings on imposition, and my daring accusation that imposing is actually a separate process from visualization. "Hi guys, I thought id introduce myself since i hadn't been on this site before. Pleasure." -2B
"And i'm still kicking it Big Grin " -J9
 That's it for now. -9T

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