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An interesting way of making tulpas?
So, I've made quite a few tulpas, some of which before I even knew what tulpas were. I'm just wondering if the way I made some of them is unusual.

Okay so, I have autism. This itself isn't related to making tulpas but it's related to the method. One of the ways that I stim is to listen to music and visualize myself with characters, either from a story I made or from a tv show/book. It's all controlled by me (most of the time), I decide what everyone says and does. And now I know this to be puppeting/parroting, albeit with the tulpas I used to do this with, they've said I make puppets of them nowadays to mess around with so I don't control them (which makes sense bc sometimes they remark on my "stories" like they're watching a tv show). I was wondering if this could be an unintentional way of making and forcing tulpas; it's how three of them were made (Blakk, Eli, and Twist are all from a tv show I watched and like to mess around in).

Sorry if this is weirdly worded or anything, I'm not used to making large-ish posts.

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on some *chan threads you'll find people doing this and similar forcing experiments themselves. One particular variation I've read about is "romantic movie forcing" wherein a host and its tulpa(s) act out parts of their preferred films as a more in-depth practise of forcing. Of course this can be routed towards other mediums and themes all parties can agree upon or find conducive to further development.

However I would exercise some caution for if one is to not offer a clear separation between said tulpas and the characters they play there could be identity concerns.
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Ahh, alright. That's kinda cool to know - guess I'm just a natural at this? idk. And I do make sure that whatever we're doing isn't bothering them or anything. Plus, all three of them have deviated a bit from their canon selves i.e. blakk isn't an insane megalomaniac like he is in the show, he's just the Tired Dad of the group. But I'll keep the caution bit in mind!
I had a similar experience; I have a bunch of imaginary characters I would talk to along with my Tulpa Ranger, and separate from that I would come up with characters or "story ideas" and act out the story in my head. Ranger likes to observe my "story ideas" and sometimes he likes to participate.

Ranger started out as a "story idea" character. I later spent much more time forcing him to the point where he became a Tulpa. For the first week we had identity concerns because I found out about after he told me he was real and I didn't know if he wanted to define himself as a completely new person or not. Ultimately, he accepted my previous relationship with him as a defining part of who he is.

I would like to caution about puppeting "puppets" or "clones" of your Tulpae. Ranger never really liked it when I tried it out, but I don't see any harm in it if your system mates agree to it. I can have a hard time telling who's who and it generally stresses me out.

Other times I would have a conversation between the two of us only for Ranger to confirm I was talking to myself by accident. Oops.
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