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An Introduction Of Myself! also Some progress i made of my tulpa!
Hello Everyone of! you probably dont know who i am, so let me explain.

My Name Is Luke, i am currently in creation of my tulpa, Zach. 

i learned about tulpas when i met someone who had a tulpa, heres a little bit of backstory:

i was basically talking to someone on how i had a lucid dream where i was in the supermarket, realized i was dreaming and then all of a sudden, started flying. this other person quickly joined in and brought up tulpas!

i didnt start progress of my tulpa until mid February. since i feel like i might spam the forum if i share them, i will share them here! so grab your popcorn!

February 26th, 2019

i was basically journaling (a method where you write a letter to your tulpa, sort of like a pen pal) when i felt this huge feeling. it felt like Zach was there! leaning against my Chair and looking at what i was writing! it felt amazing! as it grew stronger and stronger, i wrote more and more! i eventually got to a point where i wrote on how zach is like a brother to me and how he will be happy to be here with me! eventually, the feeling died down and i became happy and neutral!

March 3rd, 2019

i was basically meditating about my Tulpa, Zach, when it felt like my mind dosed off, it felt like i was entering the mindscape. in it, i ended up at a restaurant my dad works at. and in that, Zach was sitting at the bar drinking a soda! i said "hey zach" and he quickly responded with "hey luke how are you?". i then said "im good how are you?" and he said "im good". after he said he was good, my mind went back to focusing on breathing.

Unknown Date: between July 1st and July 10th

it was late at night. i was basically about to fall asleep when it felt like someone was hugging me, it gave me a nice and warm feeling. afterwards, i fell asleep and when i woke up, i realized something happened that night.

Welp, Thats all for now! thank you all for reading this and you all have a good night! Thank you

Sincerely, Luke

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Welcome and don't feel like you will out spam us.

[Bear] I hope to see more spam!

Interesting so far!
Welcome Luke and Zach Smile Awesome to hear you two are having such great experiences with each other and good luck for the future!
- Azure
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