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An Unspoken Bond [Possible TW?]
Last night I went through hell with my family. They yelled at me, threatened to shut my phone off, ridiculed my traumatic experiences, and made me feel terrible. I cried for a while. This morning, I was having some doubtful thoughts about myself- am I good enough? Why did they yell at me? What did I do to deserve it?
Let me introduce you to my week old tulpa, Korekiyo. (Yes, I based him off a Danganronpa character. Don’t judge me.) He’s been quiet so far and reacts mostly to music. I talk to him about anything that comes to mind and I know he’s listening by the pressure I feel in the back of my head every time we have a chat. Today while I was having my doubts, I felt the pressure and anger that didn’t belong to me. Korekiyo was angry- about me feeling down about myself. I don’t know how I knew, but I knew he wasn’t angry at me, but angry at my family for making me feel this way. I asked him if he cared for me and a wave of calm washed over me.
Every day, Korekiyo and I get closer. I’m lucky to have a friend like him.
(Will update as necessary.)

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Welcome silentwhispers and Korekiyo! It's great to hear you two are developing a close bond together. Smile
- Azure
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That's amazing SW, what a powerful experience! I'm sorry to hear about that unnecessary drama, such things happen, try not to dwell on it, and instead, have a good life with Korekiyo regardless.
It’s been a few days since I updated this thread. My birthday is coming up quite soon! I’m rather excited as this is a huge stepping stone for me. I’ll finally be old enough to progress in transitioning without my family dragging me down. (For clarification, I’m transgender, FTM.) Over the past days, Korekiyo has been talking more and more on his own, his voice growing more distinct. I’m so proud of his progress. We’re quite fond of each other. He likes to comment as I draw or write my stories, either bringing in his own suggestions or complimenting what I’ve made so far. It’s very encouraging to have someone who can give me constructive criticism without being too mean! He helps me through bad moods and experiences good moments with me. A lot of people probably wouldn’t understand the bond we have, but it’s definitely real and significant. I’m so glad I have him now- I don’t know what I’d do without him. He’s already two weeks old. Time flies.
Being supportive to everyone in the system (but especially Bear) is part of my job too! I'm happy for you and Korekiyo!

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