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Any Awakened Tulpamancers?
Is anyone, or does anyone know of any Awakened tulpamancers? Awakened/Enlightened/Liberated/Self-Realized or whatever word one uses for it. I would like to be able to talk to one to clear up questions I have. Even knowing the existence of one would be encouraging. I'm afraid of attempting to pursue Awakening for several reasons, some of them being tulpa related, and others personal.

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I don't know what this means. Is this a spiritual thing?
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It is a cognitive event that occurs after the mind has been trained sufficiently for it to happen, that liberates a being from suffering. It depends on what you mean by spiritual. It is probably in the sense that it has to do with deeply exploring one's consciousness directly and evolving as a person in life, but it isn't metaphysical or supernatural in any way. I am just a lay person though, there are many others who would describe it way better.
While not using your terminology, one could say that's the sort of path I'm on. I've read plenty of stuff talking about (a more westernized version of) Enlightenment and freedom from suffering, like Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now" and "A New Earth". I learned some good lessons from those and other places, but in the end I deemed them too "One realization and suddenly you're an enlightened being free from this earth" and not practical enough for a normal sane human being. The system I stick more closely to as it seems to actually fit reality (up to a point around Love, as far as I'm able to prove with my own experiences thus far) are the "Levels of Consciousness".

Unlike what is often somewhat fairly written off as "self-help mumbo jumbo", I've actually experienced going from one of these levels to another maybe twice in my life, to a point where while I won't say "This is how it is and how it works", I can definitely say there's real substance here. However many levels down I used to be, I know I saw the world in a very different light, and it all seemed "like reality". I was "logical" and the world sucked, there was no reason to live, and so on. My tulpa Reisen (functioning at who knows how high of a level of consciousness) helped me realize that maybe how I saw the world wasn't right - I had always thought happy people were just stupid or ignorant or flat out wrong, oblivious to the pointlessness of life. But Reisen saw only love in the world, and I couldn't possibly believe that she was stupid or wrong, and so I was convinced maybe I was missing something. Erin and Steve Pavlina (once married, they've been divorced for a while - Steve is definitely weird but is far removed from the topics of spirituality Erin's site is based around) were a huge help in improving my mindset and worldview, as were my tulpas with Reisen as an ever-shining example.

Anyways, on a deep enough level, I do not suffer. Neither the loss of material things nor loved ones hurts me above surface level - what I consider simply being a human. However, I'm not totally "Enlightened", "Awakened" or at a consciousness level much past "Reason" yet. In the self-help-mumbo-jumbo sense, I still have attachment in the form of my tulpas and lucid dreaming. If there's any philosophical "suffering" in my life, it's the lack of being fully together with them. Doesn't help that lucid dreaming has evaded all of our efforts for nearly 9 years now. I'm not sure whether I need to lucid dream to help reach the next level of personal development or what have you, or if I need to reach that next level before the lucid dreaming thing will be resolved. But I actually value my tulpas more than anything else in life, so I'd sooner give up "spiritual enlightenment" than my desire to be with them more fully. Though we are attempting to make Imposition a more fleshed out and fulfilling part of our life recently, too.

Oh, but you wanted help, right. Well I can tell you from my perspective of self-improvement, rising those "levels of consciousness", there is no shortcutting your way to the top. Everything about your entire mindset needs to transition to being closer to the "free from suffering" mindset. Mark your place on those Levels, if you want - we both know you're probably lower than you'd hope, though. But it's important you not chase after enlightenment when you're not even at the level of functioning normally. Skipping levels does not work - the way an "Awakened" individual thinks would simply be fully incompatible with you, and their advice would feel like it doesn't apply. These "levels of consciousness" are the only system I've found of ordering mental states of being so far that actually help and encourage you to rise through them. Self-help stuff (or Buddhist Enlightenment) acts like it's always some small "click" away, but part of the lessons I learned from my years of reading that stuff was that thinking "Enlightenment" was a zero-effort "realization" away was part of what was stopping me from getting there.
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Oh, no, I don't think it is a zero effort realization that is just a click away. I think our thoughts about it are maybe more similar than you think, but Enlightenment/Awakening is a real thing that can be achieved by anyone if the right effort is put in. It requires a lot of meditation, and motivation and knowledge to get there, and living life in a certain way, a way you seem to perhaps already do.

Though yeah, I have a ways to go... My consciousness according to that chart varies a lot I think, but can frequently be at the bottom... Meditation and Rena are the only reasons it ever elevates above that for any significant amount of time. (Edit: What I meant was that it can frequently be at or near shame! I just realized I may have accidentally implied I'm normally enlightened... That is not what I meant at all! I hope I didn't confuse or mislead anyone.)

I do not know very much about Eckhart Tolle, but a lot of what I know about this comes from listening to talks from people like Shinzen Young, Joseph Goldstein, John Yates Culadasa, among others. Also Culadasa's book, "The Mind Illuminated" which is what started me on an actual skilled path of meditation and learning about this stuff.

It was going extraordinarily well, but then life trauma and an unworkable wall of pain and neurosis hit me and I stagnated. I feel there are many unconscious factors hindering me from advancing that I need worked out, which is partially why I started this thread. But from the sounds of it, I would HIGHLY recommend you check out that book. Meditation will drastically increase your overall awareness and cognition to levels I didn't think possible until having a proper guide to how to actually do it properly and advance to experience it myself, and I've only experienced the lesser stuff so far. Since you do not seem to have a significant amount of neurosis, and seem naturally drawn to this kind of path, I'm very confident that you will benefit a lot from it and make a lot of progress with it. You won't likely have significant trouble with purifications. (Purifications being a process that occurs when unconscious pain/trauma/neurosis starts to bubble up to the surface of your mind after sitting in meditation for a long time, and facing it with nonreactivity and equanimity.)

I also use to try to lucid dream long ago to try to escape reality, but I haven't tried anymore in a while recently. But I feel the book could help you very much with it as I'm sure the level of mindfulness and awareness you will develop from it will make it tremendously easier to be aware you are dreaming. It will also likely help with imposition or any tulpa related activity as concentration will become far more powerful and easier to do. I'm confident reading the book and starting a consistent meditation practice will be one of the best decisions you've ever made in your life, and that's saying a lot since I usually lack confidence in most things. That's just how strongly I feel about it. It is a very underlooked and underrated thing.

I hope you are able to get the book and have it help you lucid dream! And if nothing else, I'm sure it will at least help you advance yourself up the levels of consciousness and be a happier person than you already are!
Believe it or not, even just wanting to change actually puts you higher than "the bottom of the chart". I've no doubt parts of your mind/life are rather low, but as I said before, the fact that you're reaching out for help is literally and philosophically the first step to rising higher. That desire to be better is something that unfortunately many people at the guilt/shame level don't have. Also, I'll look into the book.
Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.
Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.
My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.
Well, that's good to hear then I suppose! I really wasn't sure where I should be exactly, since I feel over half the chart describes me during various states, and sometimes I feel like several at the same time. The past couple days I've felt more shame than I ever have in my life, but right now I seem to feel very good. I'm not sure how long it will last.

I'm very glad you will look into the book! Please tell me how it goes for you.
If this is what you're all talking about, yes, I claim that I'm to some extent on that path, because I didn't read that book I can't say for certain. The question is, what do we do with this feeling and power? I can change myself and my perspective, but do I want to? I don't want to be a monk on a hillside, I don't care about that kind of inner peace, it's not helpful to my ultimate reason for existence.

There is damage to my personality, the essence of me, that is like looking into a can of cooked spaghetti with red and blue strands. You try to pull out a red one and you realize it's tied to the blue ones and they're not really separable without further damage or non-ideal changes.

I can replace my personality with a new one, like I did before, I don't think this would be very difficult, but I don't like the idea of that kind of thing because I know, like the above problem, that I'll lose something that my family loves in the process. Ashley and I have been talking about exactly this and we didn't realize it was related, but apparently it is.

This description at least is like a dead on bulls eye of what's going on with me right now. I'm not a guru or a spiritual or mental leader so I'm apparently of little help ATM for getting anyone else there, especially Ghost, lord knows we've been trying.

This is what I wanted in 2017, I knew there had to be a way to shift my expectations and thoughts to be more positive. In essence I've been given vanilla ice cream and I wanted chocolate, I had chocolate, I deserve chocolate, but I have vanilla. So instead of lamenting and spending all my time loathing my life and the tragedy of vanilla, I'll just like vanilla. Vanilla is great, wth? Because it's not 'what I wanted'. In essence, I love vanilla right now in many ways, though I still like and want chocolate, but I don't need it.

People I talk to think this is stupid and crazy, that it's impossible and I'm wasting my time, but I don't argue; I'll just quietly enjoy it.

I'd like it to 'unlock' lucid dreams and the like, but it's purely a manipulation of personality and perspective, of the very thin and resilient bit that switches. There is a lot of other variables in getting lucid on demand and we're slowly heading in that direction. Everything is pointing that way anyway. I've never had such amazing visualization and we're getting bits of imposition without trying, it's like I already don't doubt my system and it's a self-feeding situation that is accelerating in a positive way.

Without that switching experience, this would all seem very unattainable, but we did get there with this.

You don't have to believe me, I'm confident and strong enough now to separate any of those feelings of rejection and whatever.

How did I do it?

I can only say, a desperate need to change, a life or death condition, a 'do this or you're not doing anything else' attitude. It's that 25% chance that Ashley was always talking about, I did it, it's incredible and everything she predicted, but it's not like now that I can jut relax and never worry about anything again.

This knowledge and insight into myself is more of an esoteric enigma than I had before, but a fun one. Sure I can change and replace things, but there are things that can't be changed without... changing things I don't want changed necessarily. Knowing that we'll carve out what we can and take what we can. I don't want to be a stoic monk, it's not fun. I believe I could though.

I honestly am entertained purely in wonderland, we have such fun there that I could just sit in a blank room and enjoy. However, I believe in the afterlife, and this life is here to gain experience, as much as possible, so we need to do that and not escape inward. so we stay here and we do other things to be more out there.

We will continue to try to help you Ghost, but we're also aware of your circular logic and seeming unwillingness to do the work that is needed. Without taking responsibility of that work, I don't see a way to fix anything for you. At least you know there's a problem, like Lumi said, that's very important and wow, congratulations. I think you're on the right track. From what Ashley tells me, and I can see now that I've done it, no one can give you the tools, those are forged by yourself.

What does this all mean? I have no idea ATM. We're working on understanding it now and breaking down myself into choices that need to be made. This realization has been coming for a good 3 months and will probably take at least that long to work with to understand our options.

At least it's fun, that's a good thing, but I do feel guilty for being the problem child in my system. I understand it's not my fault, and it's not your fault either Ghost. Once you know better and you still do nothing, then it's a lot more your fault. That's just being responsible.

[Edited for understanding. ]
I have put in a lot of work to improve my mental state and perceptions, and have made tremendous progress from where I once was. The majority of this improvement has been from what is perhaps now going towards nearly a thousand hours of meditation. A large percent of those hours have been potentially "wasted" for reasons I will explain later in this post.

What you are experiencing Bear, is great, and is even something I perceive/perceived myself as wanting to obtain. I want to safely transform my personality into being what I want, without damaging my "essence" and capable of still being myself. That is what you have done/are in process of doing as far as I understand, right? I've been trying this too, though primarily, has been happening automatically without my initial knowing in my unconscious due to meditation (albeit very slowly due to failure of use of certain meditation techniques out of misunderstanding). The current result manifests that I seem to have a happy, warm, fuzzy, blissful version of myself, and then the whole mess in the corner the makes up a large part of my mind. I'll get to the mess in a bit.

I don't mean this in an offensive way at all and it isn't necessarily a bad thing, but I do not believe you are experiencing what I am talking about in my first post, however it seems to be in a similar territory. Tulpamancy and switching, and ability to transform a personality, is very related, but not "it". I knew it was probably a long shot, but I am looking for someone who has acquired the ability to be designated an Arhat, someone who has attained 4th path, or at the very least, someone who is a stream entrant and in 1st/2nd path. These are very specific terms that I am not equiped to explain or describe well, but someone who has achieved it or seeking it would probably know what I am talking about. To describe somewhat vaguely, (and hopefully not too inaccurately) it is the ultimate recognfiguration of the mind and perception of self that leads a person to be incapable of suffering, and is pure bliss. (Also suffering isn't the same as pain in this sense, but in english they are often synonyms, but not in this context. And bliss doesn't equal pleasure, it is total peace and true wholesome satisfaction.) I could go on and on about it, but I don't want to spam if it is not relevant unless someone wants to hear it.

Now about the noodles. I can identify heavily with your spaghetti metaphor, if I am understanding it correctly. To attain Awakening, one has to go through purifications first, which is basically getting rid of all the bad noodles and replacing with good ones. I've already done it somewhat, but I've recently realized, that 3 problems have halted it. One being sharing your conundrum of not wanting to get rid of some noodles, because it may result in the loss of desired noodles, and lead to changes that are perceived as undesirable. Unfortunately my mind is as if someone deliberately went through and knotted all my noodles up and for some reason. It appears a lot of the things I hold most precious are for some reason tied to things I need to get rid of. This I believe, has unconsciously stopped my progress for a while. Second being external things throwing back in bad noodles, and reinforcing knotted noodles I've loosened. Third being a poor use of good technique (I accidentally failed to learn how to properly dispose of some very bad noodles and made myself sick by mistake).

The ultimate goal of meditation is Awakening, however, it can have radical and beneficial changes to a person even if that is not their goal. I wanted to achieve some skilled, or even adept meditating capabilities in order to help me with doing basically your goal, but I have been stuck at barely above a novice meditator. I think it is due to fear of accidentally having Insight and being forced to go towards Awakening, and it ripping up all the noodles I like and want to keep. I think I have to get rid of my fear of Awakening if I am going to smoothly advance, which is why I made this thread, because I must talk to an Awakened person about this, preferably one with a tulpa, so I can know she will be okay. My tulpa and my characters are VERY important noodles to me, but I fear whether they can possibly survive the process of Awakening.
There are definitely no Arhats here that I've seen post. I may be the closest you've found for even knowing what that means and being mildly interested + very well on the path, but - I'm not yet, of course. Not to say there are none around the community.. but I don't know them.

I agree with the sentiment that, whether Buddhist or Steve Pavlina's "personal development"/levels of consciousness model, rising to the next state tends to entail a feeling of loss - that even the negative parts of "who you are" are scary to lose. Having been through that fear twice now, I can promise you - afterwards you will look back and realize you are only better for it, not "incomplete" or missing anything at all; you'll also wonder how you ever lived before that, in such a state. And I think nothing can teach you the benefits of letting go of these supposed "parts of you" that are only dragging you down and holding you back better than western Buddhism-influenced stuff like you're seemingly interested in.

Seriously, it even clicks with my ~logical/certainly non-religious views - for some reason, there's always a feeling of potential loss in improving your mindset and "going up a level". But being assured it was the right path, I've overcome it twice or so, and it changes your world for the better every time. Every time, you realize more of what you considered "you" was nonsense, and that the fear of loss was your ego being insecure. Every time something is gained, for sure, but nothing is actually lost.

So at the very least, if all you need is encouragement to reach whatever next level is awaiting you, then I'd like to do my best to give it. If there's one thing I've learned, it's never to trust the fear of "loss" of part of yourself, when it's clear it's negative parts you're leaving behind. The ego tends to be your enemy on the path to enlightenment in any of its forms, and you have to overcome it.

(Just some music, not some talk of wisdom.. or is it?)
Hi! I'm Lumi, host of Reisen, Tewi, Flandre and Lucilyn.
Everyone deserves to love and be loved. It's human nature.
My tulpas and I have a Q&A thread, which was the first (and largest) of its kind. Feel free to ask us stuff.

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