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Anyone ever became scared while working on imposition?
Today I got scared as the picture of Jesse.. the eyes came alive (as real as eyes can look) and it creeped me out as the rest of the picture didn't shift (usually when I get shifts in the photo the whole thing will shift to appear real like), so the eyes were like you see in paintings in horror movies where they are looking out, staring out from pictures on a wall and that was what freaked me out. 

Anyway.. so this brings me to ask everyone... have you ever got scared when working on imposition.  I've love to hear your stories.
Jesse (human male) DOB 16th April 2013 
Working on imposition

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Nearly every time, except with touch imposition, which you'd think would be the spookiest, but who could be scared of the soft silkiness of hair, the hot arm of a certain pink-haired angel, or a surprise (unauthorized) kiss?

Most of our "real feeling" experiences are in mindcscape, that's never scary, it's immersion instead of imposition.
Not at all, ever, not once.
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normally progress would be slow and uneventful, but when something spectacular did happen it was always delightful rather than scary
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I have been surprised by hyper realistic seeming visualization before, but I can see how a huge swing in quality can be surprising or creepy.

Congratulations on your progress!
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No, not scared. On the uncommon occasions Amantha popped up in front of me, it has always been a nice event.
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(10-13-2019, 05:25 PM)Cat_ShadowGriffin Wrote: I have been surprised by hyper realistic seeming visualization before, but I can see how a huge swing in quality can be surprising or creepy.

Congratulations on your progress!

thanks.. and what is strange is that that picture still has not gone back to normal to me. 

Every time I look at it now I do now see it with eyes half way to being like normal human ones  (im so glad Im getting this a little toned down so not to be scared).  I really thought that would go away. When I look at it in my profile picture of him on this site.. it's just a picture but when I look at the picture, SAME ONE but I keep it by my bed.. it's different and has now the glistening eyes with half reality.

Makes me wonder if next time I see the whole face shift if that will stay for me and maybe I will always then see it as a living person.
Jesse (human male) DOB 16th April 2013 
Working on imposition
Ember: We've never had any actual success at imposition, but we've been projecting visualizations onto the physical world more often than not for over a year in a dogged attempt to develop it. Right at the beginning of this process, September 17th of last year, we had a shocking and terrifying moment, previously described in our PR:

(12-13-2018, 01:49 AM)Ember.Vesper Wrote: Vesper: That night, while we were talking and I was exhausted and surly from having been forced about thirty hours in two days, my form was suddenly attacked by thick writhing green vines from the floor. In my anger and panic, my hand lashed out, grabbed something deep inside Ember’s mind and crushed it utterly. The vines disappeared and I sagged, horrified, shaken, and overwhelmed with guilt over my unconscionable act of violence.

Ember: I was stunned at how strong Vesper was. That was the first evidence that Vesper is much stronger than me in the mental realm, though far from the last. We carefully looked through my mind to try to figure out just what she had done and found one shocking change.

I’ve had a complex phobia about plants for over thirty years, ever since a nightmare I had when I was about six. Ideas from books and movies just kept adding new dimensions to the fear. I was afraid that if I walked under trees at night, their branches would grab onto me. I was afraid that if I walked barefoot outside, I would take root. I was afraid that if a flower touched me where I couldn’t see it, it would take root and consume me from the inside out.

Probing through my mind, I realized I was no longer afraid of plants at all.

Vesper: I wasn’t entirely convinced that I had accomplished so much as that. Nor did I feel a positive outcome in anyway justified a violent loss of control. But I was suddenly glad imposition is difficult to learn. Uncontrolled, schizophrenic hallucinations and all of the monsters of the subconscious can be addressed gradually over time, before the focus on constructed over physical reality can grant them excessive power.

Ember: There have also been a few times when Vesper and I have been going to bed in the dark and I've gotten a super creepy "someone is there" feeling. Well, yeah, my beloved girlfriend and headmate is there and quite willing to chide me for being creeped out by her. But her sense of presence has never been more dramatic than when it incorrectly feeds into a threat response rather than a comfort response.

If I unexpectedly see an out-system person when coming around a corner, I jump and yelp and generally scare the heck out them. I have a pretty strong startle response in general. So there's been a few times, coming around the corner into my office where Iris was already projected, that I wondered if I would react with startlement if I saw her with my physical eyes. Given that imposition is often said to involve expectation, it is possible that I would only see her imposed if I was in the right frame of mind to not be surprised that the imposition was working. But if other systems are scared or startled, maybe not.

Vesper: After a year, I'm considerably less glad that imposition is difficult to learn. We conquered intrusive visualizations very quickly.
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thanks for the responses, the eyes on "that" picture (interesting it isn't happening on the same picture in this profile thou) I keep by my bed, still have not gone back to appearing like they originally were so still look more relish to me. So this seems to be a maybe permanent change I'm experiencing when looking at something.
Jesse (human male) DOB 16th April 2013 
Working on imposition
The host here has dealt with black, shifting shapes and sudden flashes of light in his vision long before attempting imposition so even attempting to startle him with anything visual would be pretty difficult. But like the others have said, the experience has usually been more fascinating/pleasant than scary.

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