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Arguments with tulpas
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RE: Arguments with tulpas

My Sylvie gets upset and angry a lot. I have anxiety and depression that I'm not doing anything about and she got so furious with me one day. We've had a lot of arguments over that that are usually resolved by a good cry in the bathroom and a movie afterwards. She's never been jealous though, there's a lot of trust between us. She realises that it's important for me to have people in my life besides her, even though she knows how irreplaceable she is in my life.

She just never saw the point in jealousy, to be honest. She knows that I can never really have a bond with anyone else like I do with her. It's about trust, I guess, and wanting what's best for each other. Smile

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07-18-2014, 10:54 PM
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RE: Arguments with tulpas

Red and me have arguments sometimes, but it is rare.. he doesn't like me being too quiet. he will often pat me with his paw trying to get my attention when i pay attention to him he makes a "talk" hand gesture with a smile i might do what he says or give him a gesture that says "i am currently busy" he hates that.. and yowls loudly for me to notice him, on one occasion i was working on a rpg project and he manifested on my keyboard and playfully swat my hands i was like "ok...fine.. you win" he clapped his little hands and hugged me and points to my internet browser.. (he likes to watch anime, not just pokemon , he's a big fan of horror based and comedy based anime)



07-22-2014, 02:32 AM
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