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Art References, Tutorials, and Resources for Scibbling Folk
Now that we have a board for artistic folk, I'd figure it would be nice to give them some help in making their art skills stronger, and their images better. As such, I'm dumping a bunch of resources here.

Starting off with some downloadable art books, for those looking to get some solid pointers on improving their scribbling skills:

ConceptArt Thread with Hundreds of Free E-Books

(Free) Software:

MyPaint - A simple illustration program, focused more on drawing than general image editing. For Linux, Windows and Mac OS.
GIMP - The GNU Image Manipulation Program. For Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.
Inkscape - A vector graphics editing program. For Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.
Pencil2D - A traditional style animation program. For Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.
FireAlpaca - A lightweight illustration program. For Windows and Mac OS. (Thanks to Lunar System for the heads up!) - An image editing program, designed as a more advanced replacement from Microsoft Paint. For Windows only, and requires the .NET Framework.


PSG art tutorial
Monster Cutie
Drawsh - A Firgure Drawing Resource
The Dimensions of Color - By: David Briggs
Figures: They Speak for Themselves
Perspective Drawing Basics



Character Designs - An Artist's Resource
Line Of Action

Abandoned Locations-

Lost America
Abandoned Places
Opacity ~ Urban Ruins

Useful Advice:

Will Terrell's People Sketching
Chris Oatly's Website
Drawing Tutorials Online

Inspiration: (a.k.a I like it so I'm putting it here)

Street Art Utopia

If anyone has anything they'd like to add to this list, feel free to do so. I'll be looking for more stuff to add as well. Good Luck, and happy drawing!

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One really does suck if one requires the need for tutorials.
If you want to use Adobe Illustrator, I have a tutorial here that covers the pen tool and some other basics:

Part one:
Part Two:
Excellent thread and set of resources. Especially liking the 'Abandoned Places' reference images. Very nice.
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This guy is the go-to guy for all things Manga style, or Anime to some.

Mostly basic tutorials, such as poses and different body parts, people of all ages as well as some dragons, armour, and scenes including how to do different textures.

Not really high level stuff, but there are a few pictures you could try to emulate that are hard.

One of the best threads I found, have fun.
There's a lot of useful links here:
Anything for manga? My sis used to have a book on drawing manga.

(I've recently been messing around with a few ideas on drawing eyes and such, I figured that out. I'm doing pretty well with the upper body portions too Smile (Drawing yami from the shoulder's up, been studying how hair looks a lot lately as well as anime style hairdos.
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Any anthro art tutorials?

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