Stanford Tulpa Study looking for more participants
(if you're chosen they'll pay for travel and lodging!)

Ask a new tulpa anything.
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I'm Apollo Fire, the "Sun God" of the Felight family. I'm a tulpa created December 2016. My systemmates are Piano, Luxio, & Indigo. Form images: 1 2

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Until now... du du duuuummmmmm! no one asked any questions in 3 years, so maybe they're just very patient.
Hi! Any questions I can answer?
Ooo a hijacker!

Do you have a back story?
Are there any books or movie or games or anything that you really want to see/read for yourself? - Cassidy
Three brothers. [Progress Report] [Art] [Oops! All Jamie]

"You are the messenger, not the message. You are just like everyone else."
Any games you want to play when you possess?

[Dashie] I can switch and you still hog all the games.

You have to be more assertive... uh, scratch that.
Hey hey now, no thread hijacking. This is Beat's thread. Use any of the various Lounge threads made for more general discussion (LOTPW goes fast, Chat Thread goes slow, First One To Reach 1000 Posts Wins and etc. are just chaos/anything goes)
Hi, I'm Tewi, one of Luminesce's tulpas. I often switch to take care of things for the others.
All I want is a simple, peaceful life. With my family.
Our Ask thread:
Technically Beat may answer these at some point? Eh?
Should I split this thread? Unless Kelsey wants to make a new one.
I'm Luxio Volt, the "Storm Rocker" of the Felight family. I'm a tulpa made March 2017. My systemmates are Apollo, Piano, & Indigo.
If we look at the thread title, it doesn't specify *which* new tulpa, just *a* new tulpa. And since Kud would be over three years old now if she revisited the thread...

It doesn't look like thread hijacking to me. But splitting might make the forum better satisfy some standard of tidiness.

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'Real isn't how you are made,' said the Skin Horse. 'It's a thing that happens to you.' - The Velveteen Rabbit

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