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asmask's PR
I have decided to make a progress report thread as I think it will be a good way of sharing my experiences and ideas about tulpas. Updates will be replies to this thread. Also, I will edit this post to maintain a hyperlinked list of all updates.

Every update will recount some experiences I have shared with my tulpas (we'll call this the progress) before I share some additional thoughts about our collective development and the nature of tulpas. As new concepts are discussed (e.g. wonderlands, imposition, switching, etc.) I will clarify the minutiae of how it works for us.

In 2012, I discovered the tulpa community (which meant, at the time) and I have been sporadically active since then. I created my first tulpa, code name Bess, in 2013. My second tulpa, code name David, was created in 2016. Bess and David both look like regular humans, and they "live" in a quaint inner-world that behaves identically to the outer-world in terms of things like spacial rules and gravity. In fact, I "live" there too. I have an "avatar" there and I visualize that world through the eyes of the avatar at will.

This is the basis by which I communicate with my tulpas - to speak with one of them, we have to be in the same room in the inner-world, for example. In the outer-world, you can't normally talk to someone who isn't in the same room or building as you are, and it works the same way for us in the inner-world. When they are in a reasonable physical proximity to me in the inner world, I can hear and see them. They use body language, although they exhibit less of it than most people I know. Of course, I don't have to be visualizing the inner-world to communicate with them. As long as my avatar can hear them in the inner-world, I can hear them as I bebop around the outer-world.

These rules may seem arbitrary or overtly restricting, but they are deeply ingrained. We have almost never not communicated this way. This method has certain advantages that may not be immediately apparent e.g. I have the ability to talk with only one of them without the other person hearing or knowing the conversation. They can also speak to each other beyond the reach of my hearing.

Bess and David exhibit a good amount of autonomy. They spend time entertaining themselves in the inner-world. They spend time speaking with me passively throughout the day, as well as doing other activities with me. They can solicit my attention at will. I have long since given up the idea of "progress" meaning that they somehow become more sapient, or become better at some tulpa ability. Nevertheless, we improve as a group every day in small ways. I do not think a tulpa is ever "finished" in the same way I do not think plain old singlet humans are ever finished in terms of growth of character and personality.

More to follow. I'm happy to discuss in this thread, in a forum PM, or even on Discord.

All my replies in this thread:

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Interesting, I never knew what your system was like, so it's nice to hear about after all this time
Hi I'm one of Lumi's tulpas! I like rain and dancing and dancing in the rain and if there's frogs there too that's bonus points.
All of my posts should be read at a hundred miles per hour because that's probably how they were written
Please talk to me

[Misha] Go asmask!

[Dashie] Welcome

[Ashley] We're looking forward to reading your story.

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