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Astraeus and Arc's Progress
Hello all, I'm new here. 

I started creating my first tulpa almost a week ago and have been active forcing and passive forcing every day. I'll be referring to him here by his nickname, Arc, as he's quite a private individual and I get the feeling that he wouldn't want to be going by his real name. 

So far we have a form figured out for him and I have been spending our active forcing sessions working on his personality. Arc isn't vocal yet, and I've been making sure not to do any parroting so that if/when I do get a vocal response, it's more certain to be him rather than just me answering myself. I have received a couple of faint head pressures so far though I'm pretty sure those weren't him. I realize that getting one's tulpa to sentience can take anywhere from days to months, and I will continue to work on forcing Arc no matter how long it takes, but I am curious as to what's the typical amount of time it takes to get a tulpa to independence and vocality.

The main problem I have been having so far is with visualization. Though I am slowly improving, my visualization abilities are very poor. Everything is vague and dim with little detail and I can't for the life of me get our wonderland to actually be persistent--I'm having to start from scratch every time I imagine it. This is also causing issues with Arc. Though I can visualize the basics of his form, enough to get by with, I have to be constantly puppeting his actions as if I'm not controlling him, he simply disappears from my mind's eye. I'm worried that because of this, he won't have the chance to move for himself and that I won't be able to see when he is sentient due to it.

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Welcome and good luck!

I would try relaxing a lot before forcing, possibly meditating. It is okay if arc disappears from your mind's eye during forcing. So long as he reappears when you think of him.

It is hard to establish a typical time, in fact. Though, there are a number of factors you can look at to guess if your case will be around one day or around one month to first response.

Independence is a soft concept. Self-persistence usually comes about three months after first response. if you continue to force regularly, but it depends massively on the attitude and personality of the tulpa.
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Unfortunately, I've tried meditating many times and have never had any success with it. Arc does reappear when I think of him though, so I think I'm alright when it comes to that then. For some reason, I can visualize him a lot better standing around the house in real life than I can in the wonderland. Is that fine, or should I be focusing more on grounding him in the wonderland?

What factors are they? I'd quite like to be able to get an estimate of how long it'll take.

I made Arc personality-wise rather independent and someone who only talks to others when he needs to unless they are counted among the small group of those he respects, trusts, and is close to. So, I was thinking that maybe that will have an impact on how long it will take to get a response—that maybe I need to gain his trust and respect first before he will consider speaking to me. Or do think that that's irrelevant?
Nah, imposition forcing is usually considered superior to visualisation forcing. Go for that since you can do it.

The four main ones are:
* experience with dissociation or trance; (it sounds like this is a big no for you)
* being a professional writer or habitual daydreamer; (or equally obsessed about it)
* High empathy;
* Experience with hearing voices or similar.

You are his maker, so if he is practical, he will see it as important to establish first contact.
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Ah okay, great. I'll do that then.

No for all of those except the writing/daydreaming one (I do that to some extent), so looks like I'm stuck on the slow path for now.

Good to hear, he's very pragmatic so hopefully he will establish contact sooner rather than later.
Been at it for almost two weeks now and nothing much has changed. Still no response or anything indicating I'm actually making any progress. I'm starting to wonder if I'm doing something wrong.
You are not doing anything wrong, but the process works well with a lot of experimentation. Try different methods.

Also, remember to get into your tulpa's head, and like really feel their presence. It helps if you really focus on that entity, that other.
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