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[Bear Chat] Ashley's Lounge
(04-30-2019, 08:15 PM)Dashie Bear Wrote: Here's something we were thinking about, if anyone wants to comment. Other than getting away from the host's drama or odd reaction to things (we had our share), why would you want your host or any system mate to go dormant? If you could keep everyone active, wouldn't you want to?

Sometimes Cat needs breaks too and since she's front stuck, she just slugs around and then tries to fall asleep. Sometimes she's just overwhelmed and I'm feeling fine, but she can't escape and get a nap. If we could switch, I could take over and Cat could get the break she wants. Otherwise, I'm fronting and Cat is sitting there being frizzled out.

(04-30-2019, 08:15 PM)Dashie Bear Wrote: We're just a big love fest here, so maybe we just enjoy each other and our interactions more than others. It sounds tragic to me if we couldn't co-front. Knowing what we know, if we lost that, we'd do about anything to get it back.

Co-fronting is fun, but it's really hard to do, it makes Cat feel dizzy, it's not productive, and it gave us a really bad headache the last time we did that. I sometimes do "back seat fronting" or passively comment on what Cat is doing otherwise.

To gloss over what SC is talking about... We feel the same way towards the Grays. We're not sure what to do with them, but we don't want to kick them out even if they act like a problem child.

I'm sorry both you guys and SC had horrifying experiences with depression. Both of you are strong systems and I love you guys.

Once I started reading "What is Reality" I thought "Oh crap." I may need to break up this post, if not I'll edit this one and get ninja'd by a Bear anyway.
I'm Gray's/Cat_ShadowGriffin's Tulpa and I love Hippos! I also like forum games and chatting about stuff.
My other head-mates have their own account now.
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Well, I'm not bear, but it's hard not to ninja someone after four hours. Posts are free, have a new one on the house.

Thanks for the input Ranger. we think you're already effectively co-fronting anyway.

RIMWORLD EDIT: Well, we played a little Rimworld and Misha died, she was mauled to death... by an angry bear. That was just a little too much for us and we quit. We only had Bear (not the one who mauled her, who no one liked, and he was grumpy all the time because for some reason he refused to do any recreation, I think we need more types of recreation) Ulla, who was constantly idle because she couldn't do anything useful, and Gwen, who was basically carrying us with her medical skill and gardening skill, so technically Misha's gardening and social wouldn't leave us completely out, but no one else was social. BTW, Misha broke up with Bear and they hated each other the rest of the time. We'll try again with a new game.

Next up, I'll get another chance to prove my skill at Rimworld and won't get pot shotted by an awful makeshift revolver on some poorly equipped raider.
Rimworld Update:

Played this morning and oh boy. Dead in 15 minutes and then Ulla went nuts and went on a hunting spree against a pack of muffalo and well, she barely made it back alive (they beat her to submission), then a raid came, lucky there was a band of weapons salesmen at our door, carnage ensued and angry mufflaos joined the fray, then Ulla got an infection, barely survived it. Carnage outside our door, and wouldn't you know it, crashed space ship dropped spacers on our doorstep so they attacked, Misha, Gewn, Bear and I held them off somehow escaping without death but bear got shot in the neck and almost died, so then we're all in bed healing then, angry Cougar comes (I'm not kidding), now we're running out of food, it's all outside scattered on the battlefield because ours rotted away due to a power failure and Ulla decides to break again. (can't control character at that point) So she goes on a hunting spree once again and the cougar wasn't too happy about this and so I tired to assist, mauled to death, and Bear, Gwen, Ulla all incapacitated, Misha is exhausted and ready to break, I was dead Ulla's fine, only she's off to go take pot shots at another pack of mufflos... well, rage quit, reset, start over. We didn't get a chance to make beds!

Good morning out there on the rim, it's a good day to be mauled to death by a cougar.
I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying your weekend.

Take care
I hope you find success in your endeavors and love in your heart.
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I am! Thank you.

Ashley, imagine that you were switched in for whatever reason, walking down the street, idk running an errand or something, and someone stopped you and said, "Ashley, I know." and then kept walking. What would you do? -J
Three brothers. [Progress Report] [Art] [Oops! All Jamie]

"You are the messenger, not the message. You are just like everyone else."
Hello Jamie, good morning to you and the boys.

Well, I would probably keep going without engaging them because they might have just coincidentally been on a Bluetooth phone conversation and run into me by accident. Though this body is hard to miss honestly. Ashley, isn't all that uncommon, maybe it was a crazy coincidence. However, if it was Halcyon, and they pronounced it correctly and they looked me in the eye, then I'd probably be worried we're being stalked and out information was compromised. It's safe to say I'd switch out, either Dashie or Bear could handle that better.

If it was Bear, he suggested that it would depend on how they looked, if they were at all familiar or just looked really polished. He's a social butterfly though and that's a good ice breaker he says. He is constantly chatting up people, I'd probably not want to engage a stranger just for fun. If they were shady looking he said he's quicken his pace. He's seen enough of that type, he says there's a lot of scammers and street urchins around. This is why I'd just keep walking but watch around me more.

[Misha] It's second Saturday! (cause we have Monday off).
I hope you find success in your endeavors and love in your heart.
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That's what I think I'd do... try my best to go with the not-paranoid answers- they probably don't know. Depending on the person, I might worry that Jamie's therapist was leaking information, since she does know about me, but she doesn't know we switch, so... hmm. - G

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Internet Care Package for Internet Friends: 
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I love this little gif so much. It doesn't get old for me. 
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Do your systemmates ever do this to you? I know I've done this to Jamie, not in a literal physical sense, but... with my words

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTeBZums6FvChD3q_mK3Z3...oe0Dr2oRNw]
Hosico snoozes... I do like naps...
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Too stylized? No, not stylized enough. 

A poem from Najwa Zebian's Mind Platter:

Quote:People Who Are Good For You

There are people who notice you only when you shine, or when you fall into the darkness. Not the average you. Not the mediocre you. But the great you, or the not-so-great you. The people who are worthiest of your care are not those who only notice you at your best and worst but those who see you at all times. They don't need an excuse to love you. They don't need an excuse to talk to you, or to ask you how you're doing. They don't need an excuse to share their happiness with you. They don't need an explanation. They give you one without you asking for it. They assume the good in you before the bad. So keep eyes open just so you don't miss those people. Once you find them, never let them go because those are not just friends but family members. They're life companions. They are the people who will tell you when you are wrong simply because they've allowed themselves to tie their well-being to yours.

It made me think of my brothers. What do you make of it? 

Three brothers. [Progress Report] [Art] [Oops! All Jamie]

"You are the messenger, not the message. You are just like everyone else."
I think so, that's what's great about being so close to someone.

Thanks for the care package, luckily we never get sick.

So Cute

So Angry
That is the best cat photo I have ever seen XD
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