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Best Time to Force?
What do you find to be the best time to force is? What times work for you? Can you justify them? I've been trying to work in a more regular forcing schedule. I used to do it at night, but as we soon figured out, the  session was more or less underproductive and underwhelming. Any suggestions? We're going to start forcing first thing in the morning, but it's usually harder to become motivated to do so.

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What you'll probably hear from everyone responding to this thread is that there is no "best time." Just find the times that work for you. If you're not busy, do some active forcing. If not, do some passive narration. Don't worry too much about how much forcing you're doing or when, just do your best and your tulpa will benefit regardless.
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Yeah, I figured I would, that's why I tried to make it a little more personal. What times do you find are more effective and why? I imagine everyone has had some kind of pros and cons for their own forcing schedule.
The best time is 14:35:08 UTC, regardless of where you are. That is when all the tulpa energies align every day. Conversely, 02:35:08 UTC is the absolute worst time to force, for similar reasons. Also a full moon helps.
I would recommend forcing for just about every moment that you don't have to give your complete focus to something. Obviously you won't always remember, and sometimes you just need to have some time alone, but forcing for longer periods of time is obviously going to get you better results, also it allows you to talk to them which is sort of the whole shtick of tulpamancy
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For active forcing sessions, the "best time" varies from person to person, and for a lot of people what seems to determine this is the presence of distractions or when they're least likely to fall asleep. Regardless of any justifications people might make it's a good idea to experiment to see what works best for you. I'm not sure if any of this would help you with your motivation issues though, that's always just a matter of making it part of your routine and building up discipline.
Right before bed is the worst time, if it has ever ended in you falling asleep prematurely. It is still good to check in with your tulpas before sleeping as a habit, but don't rely on it as your main forcing time unless you somehow spend consistent time without falling asleep every day.
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Our Ask thread:
While I do not “force”, I do practise visual meditation. I prefer meditating as close to the afternoon as possible, for I find that the bright daylight makes me feel more awake. Contrariwise, meditating during the evening where it is darker makes me enter a more sleep-prone state of mind; simply put, meditating close to bedtime makes the meditation more likely to be associated with sleep, which is not conducive to maintaining proper focus. Perhaps your mind operates in a similar fashion.

I have not tried to meditate as I have awoken. What some studies have found is that passive physical activity leads to improved focus; in this case, standing rather than sitting.[1][2][3] It is possible that this also applies to sitting rather than lying down. Furthermore, there are multiple findings that active exercise contributes to cognition.[4] Finally, a healthy diet and plenty of water makes for a healthier body and prevents dehydration. This aids cognition as well. I often say that we think with the body, not just the brain; therefore, meditating in a state where the body has been, and still remains, largely inactive and without having received any nourishment or drink for many hours will likely produce a meditative session worse than what it could be if you meditated after eating, drinking water, and performing a small amount of exercise.

To phrase it differently: while it is difficult to point to a particular time of the day that is most optimal, it is certainly favourable to treat the body as well as you can, for this will most likely improve your meditation and general physical and mental well-being. I wish you good luck in discovering what works best for you.
We have found that forcing right before sleep helps us fall asleep faster. Which may not be the best for starting out but it's more than enough for us day to day. It's generally the only active forcing we ever do anymore because it's a time that will always be there and very very rarely will be interrupted.

Otherwise passive forcing as often as possible all day long when not practicing switching or something similar.

We wake up and say our goodmornings, and then prep for work(during the week) talking about our plans for the day, or discuss the dream we had if it was remembered.(almost never remember dreams anymore)

If you arnt at the point that they are vocal yet(or vocal but not quite conversation ready) you switch the word talk with narrate. Tell them what you want to do/what you have planned etc. Throughout your day as you remember to, let them know you havnt forgotten about them and tell them what's going on or what your next move will be. You dont have to get very descriptive either.(though you certainly can if you want to) In sharing a mind they will eventually know whatever it is you are thinking as you think it. At least mine do.

As everyone else is basically saying. You have to find out what works for you best. And go with it.

We wish you luck.
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