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Books on tulpas
What good books have you read about tulpas on

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Not a lot of them are good or even factual, most of it is about either some Kindle Series, or Slenderman.
I'd never pay money for a tulpa guide/resource. That information should all be free. I don't like people who charge for that.

I also don't like the idea of tulpa books in general. People shouldn't buy a book and call it a day, they should absorb as much information as possible from as many people as possible. Nobody should rely on a single source of information when it comes to this sort of thing.

Recently someone published a book on Amazon where they used sources from, but credited them as being from because he doesn't like .info. So not only are people like this hungry to make money on something that's normally freely accessible, they're also dishonest. It's really shady imo.
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Books on tulpamancy? Those exist? Who would ever pay to read a tulpamancy guide from a book?
Who would ever create a tulpa?
True. If I were to ever pay to read a book on tulpamancy, I would rather it be fiction. The whole concept of tulpas just screams 'I would make for a really good story' to me. Just needs a good story, that's all. Actually, that makes me want to write a story about it. Huh.
I think Aubrey has a hidden passion for writing.
I've wanted to write a fiction with tulpas before but decided against it every time it came to mind. Either I don't think I could do the subject justice or I don't want to drag tulpas into spotlight, don't rightly know. Not that I would ever manage to finish it anyway lol
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Ion Light, whom I regard as a really decent guy and a very accomplished tulpamancer, has an entire series of books on the subject. they may be downloaded for free from start with "Not Here" theholodoc
I would like to write fiction talking about Tulpamancy and using Tulpa-like themes, but I'm not a writer and I have no idea if I will even publish.

Tulpamancy being the main theme isn't really a good story unless you are talking about a Tulpamancer's experiences as a Tulpamancer. It's like writing a story about a kid with autism- unless it's an autobiography, it's going to be about how weird / different the autistic kid is and it will result in a shoddy butchered message that will end up falling for stereotypes.

Instead, I think it would be better to have characters who are Tulpamancers living though a different plot or write about stories that capture my experiences as a Tulpamancer in a subtle way. Either way, the readers may not even realize I'm talking about Tulpamancy, which in my mind is a good thing because otherwise people are going to fixate on the wrong things.
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I think the answer is, if you find any book about tulpas on Amazon, let us know.
I'm not talking about a story about tulpamancy, per se. That would be boring. Who cares about some guy with a tulpa? I'm talking about a story that is woven into tulpamancy well. I could list some examples, but that's not needed. Just an interesting story with tulpamancy deeply involved, in a creative, fluent and interesting way. If anybody makes a story purely about tulpamancy though, I don't see how it could work.
I'd be more interested in documentation about living with a tulpa for an extensive amount of time, preferably during some time period besides our own. We all know about the monks, but it would be really interesting to here about some British dude or random explorer who created a tulpa and lived with them for a long period of time, without all the prejudice and context of our times right now.
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