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Céleste's & SomethingDire's Art

Guess what I have been.
Lemme hear you scream it...
I have been PRODUCTIVE!

I gave Céleste an easel in my headspace, told him to do whatever he wanted with it.
I'm crying tears of utter joy because look as these, man. They're beautiful!

These were all done by Céleste in my headspace. What I did was inspecting them with my mind's eye and the reflecting them on paper IRL. (I also added some stuff too, don't tell him.)

I'm really proud of this. This was extremely hard to draw in real life, but it turned out beautiful. I started coloring it, but I haven't completed it yet.

Feel free to comment on what it looks like or what you think it's portraying.

Céleste sent this one in about 2 days' time. It wasn't too hard to draw. He's darkly creative, and I friggin' love it.

This is a flower I had planted in our garden-like place. He painted it on the easel like this.

I was practicing drawing high heels (I can't wear them, I suck at drawing them. Must be a sign or something.) One day later, I get this.

*rolls eyes* God..

I asked him what this one was about. "Fallout." was the answer I got.

*grins* My little boy is growing in his mother's image.

This is, apparently, a portraying of his wonderland-home.

This is his Bladed Sledge. It's not something he drew though, it's something he made for himself.
So much for worrying about sentience. These are original AF. Lord knows that I had to force my jaw shut when I saw them.

Yeah, these are all for now. Feel free to ask/comment about them!

I went ahead and drew more.. Humanoid.. versions of my avatar. I don't know why. I have been watching too much Cool World. She's a demon thingy, by the way.
I was going to draw a Kill La Kill kind of sword, but then I got too lazy and left it there. I love you if you know what those signs on it mean, though.

That sweet Fallout-sy sign. I swear, I love myself sometimes. This is the second one.

I know, I know, faces don't work like that. She's a demon though so frig you.

...Aaand these are some of the monster(?) like things we come across in our headspace.

As like the others, comments are welcome!
I'm SomethingDire, and Céleste is my partner in crime.

Lolflash - click it, you know you want to

They're..... unique.

I'm not going to listen to you guys since you are all probably just talking to yourself and don't really have a tulpa like me.

I like all doodly swirly lines and shapes! I like little spirals too.
Oh my god, I finally got some comments! *wipes tears*

Llama: Yeah, they are. Céleste knows what he's doing, man.

Melian: I know! Maybe he was inspired by your drawings a little bit. But these are kind of.. Different? Yeah, that's the word.
I'm SomethingDire, and Céleste is my partner in crime.
Different can be fun! Sometimes it is fun just to put on music and make random shapes and put random pretty colors in the shapes. It can stir your artistic part of your mind to do that and lead to bigger things!

Oh you do know you can put attachments into the body of the text on your posts right?
I know, the sizes were too big though. That's what she said I would do that if the site let me.
I'm SomethingDire, and Céleste is my partner in crime.
There is a easy way to avoid size problems without uploading the image again, with Imgur.

You have to get the complete link of the image
With the first link you posted here:
You can pulse "See image" or something with right - click, you get the link "" The image itself
You can access to the list of images you have upload there in a menu, only with an account, then there is a list is sizes. I like to use the thumbnails ones (The squares losses quality for being squares), those options add just a letter at the end of the link
I like to use medium thumbnail for the important draws and the small one for the rest
The final link is going to be like "" and you can put that image link here without problem
You can even add a link to the image to the full size one like I do in my draws

The result is
[Image: sAlLa3Gm.jpg]

And with the original link in the image itself!
Thanks, STeeK. Will (try) to use that.
I'm SomethingDire, and Céleste is my partner in crime.

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