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Can I Practice Imposition Doing This?
We are very interested in imposition (particularly visual and touch imposition), however my visualization of Ranger isn't the best so I wanted to try imposing really simple stuff first.

My method is the following:

1) Find a white surface. To give yourself something to focus on, either look at a rough patch or find a tiny spec of dirt or fuzzy. Celling Popcorn is awesome for this.
2) Focus on the subject and stare at it. Imagine creating to cover the subject with a tiny white dot.
3) If the dot is small enough, it will start to flash. Once it starts flashing, try to create some color. This color is going to be like the "specs of color" you get naturally when you close your eyes.
4) Experiment with this by making the spot slightly bigger, changing the shape, or focusing on changing the color.

As of right now, I can hallucinate hazy tiny shapes and earlier I started at the ceiling for too long and the entire ceiling started to pulse green and purple (maybe because the walls of the room are turquoise?). Once I snapped out of focus everything reverted back to normal.

Is this a way I can productively practice simple visual imposition? I only tested this for a few days, and I wanted to know if in the long run this will work since I didn't see anything like this in the guides.
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