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Can intrusive thoughts/visualisations harm a tulpa?
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Sad  Can intrusive thoughts/visualisations harm a tulpa?

Hi, I'm new here and English isn't my first language so if anything sounds funny tell me and I'll try to explain it better.

I learned about tulpas a year or 2 ago but just yesterday decided to try it and started tulpa forcing today, I have this wonderland that is a house with a big big garden, I visualized my tulpa as a white kitty and started talking with her, I carried her and showed her the house, everything was good until I put her on kitchen floor and had this intrusive thought about stepping on her and crushing her, and it was horrible and I felt really bad about it so I carried her again and told her I was very sorry and that I didn't mean to think about it but I have OCD and can't help it sometimes.

I feel horrible about it and I'm really worried that this intrusive thoughts may hurt my tulpa, that she may think that I want to hurt her when that's totally the opposite of my intentions, the thought doesn't come with any "bad energy" or intention, it's like a visualization that flashes on my mind for a second and then it goes away, well today like I said I got really stressed about it and that just made my brain started repeating the thought a few times more until I calmed myself down.

For those that not know violent or sexual intrusive thoughts are really common in people with Obssessive Compulsive Dissorder (they are the Obssessive part), I have been in treatment for many 7 years already and my OCD is almost completely in check, it's only triggered when I'm anxious and I take it as my natural response in that kind of situation, I felt so bad this time not because of the thoughts in itself but because I'm really afraid my tulpa may be hurt because of them, I really mean no harm, I can't even explain how guilty I felt about it, could she have thought that I want to harm her? Or that I'm dangerous? Should I stop trying to tulpa force? Or does she understand? There weren't any malicious energy or intent in the thoughts so maybe she gets that? Could I explain it to her? I don't know...

Interaction with tulpas is about visualization more than anything so are this thoughts like really hitting her? IRL nothing happens if I imagine harming someone in meatspace, I can just ignore the thought and it goes away, no one is hurt, I don't know if I can say the same in this circumstances.
06-10-2014, 07:31 PM
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