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Can Tulpæ them selves force?
So, today I was on a bus going back to my school after a cross country meet. Me and Prince talked for a majority of the way back, and then he was singing to the songs playing on my iPod. The interesting thing is when I did, I could see him in our wonderland, not very clearly, but I could tell all the initial features I thought of were there. I asked how and he told me he was forcing. I know that forcing is a collaboration, but can his work really impact my visualizing? It's strange, I could even see his exaggerated movements as he danced through the streets, looked at me, flung an arm around me on the last note of the song. I'm sorry if there was already a question like this but I couldn't find anything and I find it be one of the most fascinating things I have come across, and one of the most radically different things from any of the stories I've read. Any reply is appreciated.

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I actually asked a question like this a while back. Sometimes when Toby is bored or just feels like it he will pull me into the wonderland or simply force himself into my range of vision.

We've come to the understanding that it's okay as long as I'm at home but if I'm at work or I'd I am out doing something then it's too dangerous so no.

Sometimes it makes it hard for me to watch tv lol

But to answer your question if a tulpa is developed/strong enough then yeah I don't see why they can't choose to initiate forcing
Ah, thanks for putting my curious mind at ease. It's just so fascinating to me that what he does can actually have an impact on ME. Maybe he can go back and watch old Bruce Lee movies and make me a ninja. I'm almost absolutely certain that that's exactly how it works. =3
Why wouldn't his actions be able to impact you? You should be creating a tulpa under the assumption that they are separate from you. I understand that the fact that this practice is new to you may have you excited about all those novel experiences, but it shouldn't be surprising that a being that isn't you, does things that impact you. Maybe something to think about. I doubt you can call what he did "Forcing" because, as you said, it's a collaborative effort by definition. But that he was doing something that caught your attention, I'm sure he was.
I'll take that into consideration, but I'm not entirely certain we are totally seperated. I still feel as if I know what he'll say a split second before. I'm just not used to the sensation of sharing my brain and body with someone else. And nobody can really say anything for certain, in this we for the most part know what and why these things work, but we don't really know how they work, knowing so much and so little. But the reason I was surprised was not really the fact that what he did made and impact, but the fact that what he did actually helped me develop a skill without me even knowing it.
Quote: I'll take that into consideration, but I'm not entirely certain we are totally seperated. I still feel as if I know what he'll say a split second before.

From what I've experienced, this is pretty normal earlier on. It's likely that your tulpa is sending you raw thought and your mind is sort of translating it into words. For us, this was the first stage of vocallity. I reminded Sarah to speak using words instead of thoughts and she eventually was able to speak with a distinct mindvoice and it no longer feels like I know what she will say before she says it. Sometimes it just takes a little time for things to feel more distinct.
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Well. That's way easier to understand than what everyone else told me about vocality. I'll keep that in mind when I think we're ready.

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