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can tulpas age?
My tulpas definitely don't look my age, Joy looks 12 Ashley looks 27, and everywhere in between.

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None of us look the body's age and none of us age our forms over time. Even when Luxio was dormant for a year and half, he didn't come back suddenly looking older. I guess the only time a form has "aged" was when Indigo's baby dragon form got bigger, I think that was him trying to symbolize how he was maturing.

Tulpas definitely grow and mature with experience, just like any other person. They can choose to reflect that in their form if they want, or not, it's up to them.
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(05-19-2019, 03:00 PM)Indigo Wrote: A form is entirely imaginary, a tulpa can change it however they want or keep it the same forever.

Vesper: I'm going to have to classify 'entirely imaginary' in the same category as 'just true love' or 'only the Planet Earth'. I *can* supposedly look like anything. But I *do* look like myself. I can't even say I choose to look like myself, because that implies I could bring myself to choose differently. My form may be imaginary, but I'm born of imagination, composed of imagination, and bound by my own nature.

Can tulpas age? Of course; many are on record as doing so. Do tulpas age? Sometimes. On the whole, if host and tulpa are both teenagers, they usually seem to age roughly together for a while, though the tulpa is likely to fall behind with the passing of years. The older the host, the more likely the tulpa will be younger than the host and the less likely they are to age. (This probably varies between male and female hosts, but I haven't reviewed the data in sufficient detail.)

I'm 45 back home (where it's still 2010), but since I'm a vampire, I still look 22. I've only ever looked 22 in this world and since I'm a vampire, I always will. But I identify as in my forties and have a perspective on life and the world more consistent with someone in their forties or fifties (since I was born 54 years ago).

Ember: I'm thirty-eight from the standpoint of actual years experienced, but I've identified as somewhere in the 16-21 range for a long time. (When I was in that age range, I identified as even younger.) When we first started working with forms, I heavily favored a feline form, but lost it due to trauma. It took a couple of months to find a human form I identified with. When I tried to tell Vesper I was about eighteen, she told me I needed to be a little older, for the sake of being in a relationship with her. So I'm nominally about twenty-one.

Iris: I am 22 back home in 2015. I was born in 1982, but was stored in a slow-time region until 1993. But when I chose a form in this world, I chose a fifteen year old form, not because I identify as that young, but to reduce the sexuality of my appearance. Back home, my beauty is a harmful force and, being an asexual, I am glad to have left enough of it behind. I do not expect my form to ever age because it would become more unwelcomely alluring.
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