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Can tulpas change clothes?
Well, that is basically my question. Is a tulpa able to change clothes easily without changing anything else of how it looks?


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Yes. My tulpa can change clothes either by materializing them on her form or by changing them manually. Neither affects her original form.

To achieve this, you just have to consciously decide what your tulpa really looks like and then picture it in that fashion until it becomes second nature.

I've found keywords and certain concepts to be helpful to this end. For example, when I was figuring out what my tulpa looked like, I would summarize a certain concept under one word or phrase. (ie. hourglass body shape, height to my chin, hair down to her breast-level)

A important thing that I discovered was that I couldn't really picture something if I didn't know what it looked like. For example, where does the ribcage really start? How about feet? What do they look like on my tulpa?

To some extent we all know these things, in our subconscious, but when we are trying to consciously picture some parts of the body (or whatever it is you're forming for your tulpa), we get stuck as we only have a general concept of what it should look like - not a full, throughout understanding.

So, I taught myself human anatomy and forcing became a whole lot easier.

I know I straddled a bit from your question, but the key point I'm trying to drive home is that you have to consciously know the form of your tulpa inside-out. This knowing is the thing that keeps your tulpa from shape shifting into something else.
As long as it wasn't visualised as an essential part of their form - sure.
So, am I able to create the main form with clothes, and then change it later on?
Sure. Nothing is set in stone. Just make it clear to yourself what you want. Smile
Also, how 'long' does it take to change?
Well my tulpa can change in under a second if she wants to.
As long or as short as you want to. I've seen James change clothes in just a few seconds with no struggle at all.
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Alright. Thanks for all your replies, really appreciate it. I hope I won't have much problems visualizing Smile
New clothes might be visually indistinct, which is okay. If this happens, you can either add details yourself or ask him or her to make the details and show you.
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