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Can tulpas change clothes?
^ This.

Depending on the tulpa they may take an interest in changing their clothes or they might be happy with a single outfit. Thunder has a few different jackets and accessories but he isn't fussed about changing his look. Melody on the other hand loves to change her clothes; often while out shopping with my girlfriend she will take a look at things in clothes shops and decide to add them to her wardrobe. As for the act of changing, they usually shift appearance instantly, but sometimes they go with a good old fashioned Sims style spin change for laughs.

Also I find it quite common for clothing to be indistinct or undetailed when neither Melody or I are 100% sure what she should be wearing on a given day. Don't worry if this happens, just take a moment to talk with your tulpa about what they should wear.
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(02-16-2015, 01:09 PM)Veronica Wrote: Well, that is basically my question. Is a tulpa able to change clothes easily without changing anything else of how it looks?


Well, i mean H can change forms ,it takes 1 sec to do so
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I wear the same clothes all the time (in wonderland) because I'm lazy.

In real life on the other hand, I haven't experimented with customizing my wardrobe yet. As long as I don't have to wear a dress I'm cool with whatever my host is wearing.
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Yes, it's very easy, and it's good practice for tulpas and hosts alike. I carefully choose and put on different clothes every day, with different colors, and Zia has to see them correctly. She's surprisingly good at it, especially when I choose a weird outfit. Or none (it has happened for me to go naked as well, it's fun)
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I've got at least.. 3 or 4 different fave outfits I rotate through depending on weather and mood and time of day, so... why not? It's your head, dress how you want in there. Wink
Rena also rotates through different clothes depending on various factors such as time of day or mood.

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