Can Tulpas Do What Servitors Can Do + My Thoughts

If you wanna skip the fluff, the main question is in bolded characters.

Quick background. I made a thread maybe a month or two about whether or not I should make a tulpa. The general answer was "no" due to lack of trust and that my spiritual knowledge and experiences may prevent me from making one as it may interfere with my souls development. The general rule of this experience system is that before you die, your mind must be clear. Last thing I need is a tulpa deciding to screw me at the last second so it can spend its eternity with me (assuming it doesn't die when you do).

I'm still drawn to the concept of Tulpa though because they can offer things I definitely want. Instead I've been looking into Sigils and Servitors because they pose no threat to me. Other than servitors can become Tulpa but luckily they can be programmed with kill switches. Once a servitor completes it task or shows basic signs of sentience, you can destroy it so it cannot alter its kill switch.

Servitors are quite useful. They can gather external information, perceive probable futures, manifest desires, and more. I'm not really into killing things, even a servitor because while it does what it is programmed to do things like a robot, I can't help but think it's still life... like an incest simply running off of basic functions. Since it CAN develop a Tulpa after enough service, it would develop into one without your guidance and probably be afraid to show sentient signs knowing you would activate its kill switch. Don't blame it, I would try to hide my sentience too.

So I was thinking... maybe I should create a Tulpa after all. Of course the option of not doing it at all is still there, my pathetic human desires are making it hard to resist the promise of close companionship with someone who will most likely never betray you if you treat it right. If only that promise was true and they can't deviate :/

So back to the main question, can Tulpa do what servitors do? Obviously you can't force a tulpa to complete the task but if it wanted to.. are those abilities within its skillset?

Also in terms of the whole 'last thought before death' thing, is there a way to sort of "shut off" the tulpa before I die? Assuming I don't die in a way that prevents the knowledge of death of course.

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I don't know enough about servitors to know the answer.

I know half the answer. What a tulpa can do is exactly the same as what a normal human can do.

Usually, a servitor is much less sophisticated than a tulpa. They aren't even considered sentient. Usually, the tasks assigned to the servitor are tasks that can be done by anyone. The question is if the servitor can do anything special due to lacking sentience. If so, it would probably be a feat of greater endurance.

Also, shut off the tulpa, and prevent them from the same things you hope to achieve after death.
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If you want to feel tulpas can do what servitors can do plus your thoughts:

- If one presumes servitors lack sentience in some way, then most tasks they, the host, wishes them to accomplish would entail conscious awareness of applying things into context.

- If this is the case, then servitors that lack sentience, or are defined that way can't really be treated as sentient.

- If this is the case, treating a servitor as being capable of doing tasks that require a conscious valuator is probably treating them as p-zombies instead.

- A more pragmatic thing to ask is if servitors can do what tulpas can do, IMO, because at some level with treating a tulpa as sentient, there is an assumption that they can perform tasks in some way that will require conscious fixation on to some level. Servitors, IMO, seem more like a thought experiment for p-zombies rather than being a practical concept; unless the person treats them as sentient, but not sapient in some way....but that makes things more ambiguous as to what tasks require no sapience, or this, or XYZ.
As tulpa said and we advised in the last thread. If you cannot trust your tulpa do not create one.
That said if you are concerned with your religious beliefs that your mind must be clear how does having a servitor fix that? What if you pass unexpectedly?

A tulpa and a servitor can both do exactly the same things, but a tulpa can do all of them better since they have the ability to think for themselves. You cannot however force a tulpa to do something it doesn't want to do as that would be immoral and they can actively disobey you.

That said sentience is also not black and white. Sentience is a gradient.
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Imagine green is non-sentient running only on programming and red is sentience and self-awareness. Your servitor is slowly sliding towards red. At which point is it sentient?
Do you believe that you are capable of perceiving when something that may hide its sentience level becomes sentient? Would you not be so paranoid as to get rid of it as soon as you make it? How do you know it isn't already sentient?

To more directly answer your questions, a tulpa will likely deviate but they don't suddenly become evil or anything. Someone who actually cares for you and loves you isn't going to decide to screw you over all of a sudden if they know how much it means to you.

Also if you believe that only you can enter into the afterlife then where does this leave your tulpa? What of a servitor?
Would it be fair to bring someone into your belief system if you believe they just "die" when you do but you go on to an afterlife and they are supposed to just deal with that?
And you can't just "turn off" a tulpa. You can dissipate them but even that takes a long time, months on end if not more.

I still don't suggest you make a tulpa yet until you can sort out the intricacies of your belief system.
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