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Can tulpas remember everything like people say?
I just want to ask, can you you tulpa really remember everything that is going on around you without even being conscious of it, and can still tell you about it. I have a hard time believing this and this is where some of my doubt is. If you have a cool story to tell where you were not listening to something and you tulpa reminded you of it please tell me. Also don't tell a story that you have heard of; it has to be a personal experience.

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Bud always seems to remember my work hours when I just glance at it and I can't remember it. I showed up at work at 6am once, Bud kept telling me it was too early, but I insisted I knew I was on time. Turns out I wasn't to be there until 1pm.
I have the short term memory of a coked up gerbil but I find that Toby has a knack for reminding me of things that I have forgotten.

It doesn't happen a lot but he helps me remember to do things like pay my bills or point out what I've forgotten at the store.
No, they cannot remember everything.
They may be able to remember some things that you don't, but in general, you shouldn't attribute much greater remembrance to a tulpa, than you would any other person. In fact, it's possible for tulpas to not remember things that you do, even if they were there.
Furthermore, considering they reside in the same brain as you do, they are limited to only that which you could have remembered, yourself.
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Sarah: [Sometimes I can remind Sakura of things she seems to have forgotten. I certainly can't remember everything though... I don't have an eidetic memory or anything like that. Neither of us have particularly great memories though, which is something I attribute to our brain itself rather than our separate personalities.]
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I believe the human brain has much more ability with memory than we seem to realize, and that some tulpas can tap into that. As to me personally, Fench can sometimes remind me of things that I don't remember, but it's not flawless or anything.
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red often whispers why i say sometimes but beyond that he usually tells me what is on his/her mind



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