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Poll: Can your tulpa shape shift or change its appearance at will?
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My tulpa can shape shift, changing physical features of its base form at will.
20 22.99%
My tulpa can change clothing and accessories at will.
14 16.09%
My tulpa can shapeshift and change physical features or clothing and accessories at will.
36 41.38%
My tulpa's form never changes at all.
3 3.45%
Melian you are adorable, amazing and I love you!
14 16.09%
Total 87 vote(s) 100%
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Can your tulpa shapeshift or change its appearance at will?
I love to shape shift! It usually depends on my mood but most of the time I just shape shift to my, Pokemon (gardevoir), Pony and human form. There was one time where Me and Cherry tries to shapeshift each other's form just to see if we could trick Nihi... but it did not work XP

(03-02-2019, 03:06 PM)Misha Wrote: I think I was just a tad too competitive, especially with Dashie.

That sounds too familiar with us back in the day. We had also systemate rivalry for Nihi, Especially me and Cherry. It was just a a friendly rivalry but sometimes it does get too out of hand at times but we always know we do not mean it and appologize after.
Hello! I am one of Nihi's Tulpas! It is very nice to meet you! Big Grin

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I can shapeshift and change my clothes and accessories at will.
I choose to change whenever I want and to whatever I want. I change often too, flitting between whatever form I find nice in the moment. Quoll is useful at work as I can lay on the desk and don't have to worry about someone walking through part of me and crow can be nice if we're walking somewhere crowded. Preferably I choose something bigger, fiercer such as a draft horse or tiger.  Only when I take my human form do I wear clothes and accessories but I don't take that as often. Being an animal is what I started as and it feels natural. I'd also like to note that taking annoying forms is a great way to tease your host. 

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