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changing a tulpa's form before they are fully imposed
So I still have my old tulpa in mind (THe MLP character. The one I saw appear in front of me  in reality and then disappear.) but I kinda wanna change her design as  I moved on from the tv series. Is this possible? I've been trying to tulpamancing a male tulpa, asking him if he's the same tulpa as the MLP one, didn't get much of a response from him. 

I really, really wanna continue my progress from back in 2014 to 2013 but with a new design.

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Talk to them about it, but you can do anything. If they aren't talking, just do it. Even I don't always use the same form in wonderland. Sometimes my tulpas will walk with me imposed and I picture them with wings or not. It's ultimately up to you. If they are vocal, discuss it with them and just practice.

[Misha] we're all shapeshifters, I don't care how he pictures me as long as it's me he's picturing. In the beginning I would change into girls he had crushes on in the past just to tease him.
A form is imaginary, there's nothing that should prevent someone from changing it besides what the tulpa wants. Forms aren't an actual tangible thing, so of course they can be changed given the tulpa consents. In the end the tulpa has the final say since it's their form, but really there's nothing stopping you besides that.
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Imposed isn't the word you're looking for, imposition is an advanced skill to trick your mind into believing you're seeing/hearing/feeling/etc. your tulpa in real life. The word you're looking for is... probably just "fully developed"?

Anyways, forms aren't an integral part of tulpas, and so they can change at your or their will. Most tulpas stick to one form, but plenty change at least once at some point in their lives, and as said above, some do shapeshift freely.

Your old progress from years ago, depending on how far you got, will be salvageable but probably take a lot of work to get back. Just not as much work as it took the first time.
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Then again, having a form you like is pretty important when you meet them in a lucid dream, so saying it's not important is not necessarily true.

They all did eventually take a form and I've seen them in lucid dreams. Wonderland is pretty important to us as well, they generally are in their default forms, the ones I drew.

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