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RE: Chat Thread

(Yesterday, 08:36 AM)DreamDoll Wrote: Hah hah, Alice Cooper is an egregore.  He's just in our heads!

He's not an egregore. I think he's Vincent Furnier's tulpa who fronts whenever he performs onstage. This is due to the way Vincent has consistently spoken about him over the years, like having a mind of his own and "taking over" and things like that. He really makes him seem more like a tulpa than just a character. It might seem far-fetched to some, but to me it really makes sense. It's cool to think about.

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RE: Chat Thread

Oh that's cool! I am so sorry Piano, I thought you were joking. Yeah actually Leonard Nimoy had a similar experience with the character Spock. He wrote about that in his book "I am Spock." So, such things do happen.
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