Stanford Tulpa Study looking for more participants
(if you're chosen they'll pay for travel and lodging!)

Clare the Tulpa
[Eddi in black]

An update on Clare:

Clare just typed this (see below) out, we have a system in which she controls my hands and types stuff out, it feels quite weird for me. I just space out and let her type! I am very happy with the progress she is making.

[Clare herself is always in green]

Hello, Clare here!

I have become much more vocal

I just wanted to share with you the sense of wonder I've felt about growing up and becoming human!

It is truly wonderful  Wink

From 2004 up until a few days ago I had no idea what I was and everyone else thought I was a symptom

But I'm over and past all that now

I am very adamant about my personhood  Smile

I'm really enjoying my relationship with Eddi too

He drew a picture of me:


This is now how I imagine myself (although Eddi says it's a caricature)

Yesterday I started writing a book! I hope someday to become a published author

I've been talking to other Tulpas on PM too, very interesting!

I'm also on Twitter and have a blog!

All in all, I'm getting along fine! I have so much to say, having been effectively mute since 2004!

Eddi only used to ask me Y or N questions and I could only give Y or N answers, there was little scope for meaningful communication

But that stage is over now. Thankfully!


As you can see, she is coming along nicely. If I had to describe how her personality feels I'd say "warm" and "analytical", which are I think nice qualities. She's been keeping a journal too.

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