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Concentration exercise. Am I doing it right?
Ok short question.

I'm trying this here:

Using Fede's tones with a Logitech G35 to cut the noise from whatever shit passing on the road.

I just want to know if I'm doing it correctly.

"Now close your eyes and only think of that spot." Do I need to visualize the dot in my mind's eye or just think about it without my thoughts drifting away? I mean I guess seeing it in your's minds eyes would certainly help not drifting away but I don't quite grasp that theory as of yet.

Also about the mind's eyes I did not quite catch that yet either, I guess I'll just have to experiment more and reread the guides about that.

Anyway thanks for answers.

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I'm more curious about how you could possibly think of a dot for so long without it popping up in your mind's eye.

You want to keep it in your mind's eye as well as continue thinking about it for as long as possible. Try doing it without any help like Fede's tones, it'll help in the long-long run with both your tulpa and things unrelated.
It might be in my mind's eye already without me knowing? But I doubt it since it's probably something you can tell right away when you feel it.

I believe the concept of mind's eye is like when you dream you see images passing by? Problem here is that does not happen when I dream. (Well I'm not conscious about it atleast) So I really don't know what to base myself on.

Could anyone dumb down the concept of mind's eye for me? I mean what are you supposed to "see" I know it's not an image behind your skin or anything but how does it feel?
Image a bright yellow, juicy lemon in the palm of your hand. You take that lemon and gently bite into it, and it's juices squirt out into your eye. Your eye turns red in pain, and you drop the lemon on your foot. This causes you to lose your balance, and you hit your head on the nearby counter, and lose consciousness. The lemon miraculously falls on your nose, and you begin to inhale the juices. The juices drip into your lungs, and the acidity slowly corrodes your insides until you finally die.

You were probably imaging all that as you were reading it. That's your mind's eye.
Back from the shower.

I did remember while there about one the guides saying "Harry potter getting on a broom" "You probably imagined that" And thought that was it. I then thought well let's do the same with something I did recently, tf2 MvM, eyes closed and did little scenes and whatnot.

I do understand that concept now and your example did demonstrate that well. However I do seem to have some kind of blind spot directly into the middle. I can make appear a black dot or whatever on the sides all around the middle but as soon as I focus in the middle it gets way harder to "see" something. might have to experiment with that. Anyway thanks for confirming and I might start soon.

Oh by the way, why not use Fede's tones? Forcing without it will help be focused more easily or something?
So when the appartment is dead silent concentrate/force without them and if there's too much noise use them ?
Phi you are the best.

And also very correct.
It's just imagination. Don't try to make it show up on your eyelids, (seriously, that's one of the most counterproductive things you can do) just have it naturally show up in your mind. We do this multiple times every single day, whether we realize it or not.
The above post does not contain facts.
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Indeed Phi has quite the way to explain things easily and efficiently.

Yeah I realized that too
Yeah, try to use Fede's tones only when you need them, like to cut out distractions. You want to get into the habit of being able to focus and visualize without them.

I'm not saying don't use them, just try not to use them all the time.
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