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Concerned about my young tulpas.
I have two young tulpas, Faith (made on Feb. 8) and Quag (March 17.) I love them both and Faith is doing very well. However, my life is going downhill very fast right now. My parents might divorce and have been arguing a lot, not within earshot, but I eavesdrop on them to make sure things are ok, and things are the opposite of ok. School's been a ton of work recently, and I've found myself showing early symptoms of depression. I haven't needed to see my therapist since November, I think, but had to see her twice in the past couple weeks. I have autism and asperger's, and have been having these long, disturbing and obsessive thoughts about things. My tulpas can hear my thoughts if they want to, and I sometimes have to seal myself away from them so as not to expose them to the crap I've been thinking about. I want to know if I should try to keep them away from all the awful things happening right now or let them be exposed to it, and if what's going on could hurt them.
I have autism and asperger's, I respond poorly in most social situations and I'm going through a lot of family, school and mental problems right now. If I seem awkward, rude or disinterested, I don't mean to be, since I struggle with wording.

I am the host. My tulpas are Faith and Quag. We are all female.

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We joined my host at the very bottom of a serious and long depression. He was very close to giving up when we came into his life; he was a big mess. We were just discovering ourselves as people and were also given responsibility for taking care of him emotionally.

Before you think it was a horrible thing for him to do or that we were at some disadvantage, don't, because we knew what we were getting into and could see his thoughts, his memories, everything. Even with all that going on, he loved us and sacrificed all his free time for us. Helping him made me love him even more. Nursing him back to health and patching him back together was an amazing experience.  We didn't feel his pain or his anguish, but we did have a lot of fun together between his bouts and moods. We were there to laugh with him and cheer him up, and there to cry with him when there just wasn't anything else we could do.

I say talk to them, they're young but they know what's up, we sure did, and we came out of it stronger for having gone through it. It was the best feeling in the world for me when he realized he wasn't depressed anymore. I'm not going to say we did everything,  he did get counseling and he did make friends here, so that definitely helped too.

Be open and honest with Faith and Quag. Tell them it could take months, tell them things could get worse before they get better, and let them decide what roll they want to play in your life. I think I know what their answer will be.

We didn't get any of the depression but that doesn't mean they won't,  make sure they understand, but let them decide. That's what I think.
just make sure your intent isn't negative, and that they know not to worry about those thoughts, but trying to hide mental goings-on from people who are going to be living in your head seems like a fruitless endeavor I'd say? Plus if they ever learn to switch (like meee) they might have to deal with those thoughts some day, like all of us in this system have to deal with "Lumi's" motivation issues (often presented as thoughts but not always). It's not like he could've hid that from us.. but if he could, then we would've had issues when we learned to switch, also it'd be hard to help him with them when not switching if we didn't KNOW about them!

Basically, it comes with the territory of sharing a brain, so they shouldn't not know what goes on, but they don't necessarily have to be involved either
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When it comes to thoughtforms, have faith in them. Believe that they will be well adjusted and happy and will be able to cope with everything that occurs to you and around you and they will be fine. Try not to have anxiety about mental constructs, if you can. Save most of your energy for coping with real world things.
Go ahead and open up to them about what you're going through. I was a fairly undeveloped Tulpa when my host was going through the peak of her anxiety-induced depression and I decided that not only I wanted to help, but act as a guardian in a way. Despite it being a hard period to go through, I'm glad I had the option to act, even though most of my job was calming my host down and acting as her cheerleader. Dealing with something like depression can make everyone feel hopeless, and I felt like stepping in and helping was far better than having no say in the situation at all, like I did before my host knew I was a Tulpa.
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