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Could a tulpa be active while the host's consciousness isn't completely awake?
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RE: Could a tulpa be active while the host's consciousness isn't completely awake?

(07-12-2018, 08:10 AM)GupiReo Wrote: I thought parallel processing was something that comes once you have a fully sentient tulpa?

You mentioned they fall asleep when the host does, what about dreams? are they conscious there?

Parallel processing refers to parallel processes being thought at the same time in your brain. Generally speaking, it can't be done. Multitasking (very quickly switching between tasks) and the combining of multiple tasks into one ("rub your stomach and pat your head" becomes this after a few moments) masquerade as it often. This also doesn't apply to lesser mental processes, and specifically to processes using different parts of the brain - thinking, acting (anything physical), and speaking could all be done at the same time in the right conditions for example.

When it comes to tulpas, you'd never be able to tell your mind was switching back and forth between tasks as it does so so quickly and efficiently. Plus you've got all the different ongoing senses like their visualized form, mindvoice, and sense of presence (possibly of other tulpas at the same time), so basically it might just seem like parallel processing.

But if you and your tulpa can't speak two different sentences at the same time, you can't parallel process.

Tulpas are generally considered to be "as unconscious as the host" when dreaming. In a lucid dream, you would need to make them aware they're in the dream (and that they are themselves). It's not really your tulpa, at first, but acting that way will create the expectations that make them into your tulpa. But that's a lucid dream. If your tulpa supposedly appeared in a normal dream, they're only as conscious as you are, and could say or do things that are nonsensical or that they wouldn't normally want to.

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