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Creating a Tulpa of a Different Gender?
Hello, this is my first time posting on the forums and creating a tulpa. I want to create a female tulpa, (I'm a male)but I genuinely don't know where to start. I also want to have the personality not be chosen by me, (Just feels wrong to force a specific personality) but I'm worried that because of my male subconscious she may turn out quite masculine, any advice on creating a tulpa of a different nature.

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It's not really that difficult, to my knowledge MOST people make tulpæ of a different gender. I personally didn't but I'd assume it's just as easy. And if you're worried about the personality, don't. It's pretty much anyone's guess what it will be like since it's often the aspect most changed by the tulpa, I skipped it and I'm doing fine relatively.
I wouldn't worry too much about it. As ThatFellowWithTheScarf said, most hosts do create tulpae that are the opposite gender to them (in fact, as a guy creating a girl tulpa, you're in the large majority here). If you don't want to force personality, then don't. She'll develop a personality on her own. You don't need to do personality forcing to make sure she turns out as a girl; just give her a female form when you create her. Of course, there is the possibility she may later want to change her gender, but, in almost all cases, tulpae are happy to stay with the gender they were created as.
It helps if you aren't a total shut-in and have an inkling of how the opposite sex does things. Or if you are, you could just model their behaviors after one of your Japanese animes. With Luna I decided to take things a bit further and imbue her with my anima (which in Jungian psychology is the female part of a male's psyche). You don't have to do anything like that to get the results you want, though. Just do whatever works for you two I guess.
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All of these are great suggestions. The only thing I want to ad is that there really isn't a one size fit all definition of a girl or a boy.

Just concentrait on making her the kind of person that you want her to be and odds are good she will feed off what you know about women and girls from your life to fill in the blanks.

Toby is pretty masculine but I'm kind of a girly girl so I don't think YOUR sex really makes a difference in how your tulpa will develope or ultimately turn out
Thanks guys, this helps a lot.
You're welcome!
One more thing I would like to add. By now I know Princes personality, and with the tulpae I've talked to it seems that most have gender neutral traits. Prince isn't really masculine of feminine, but will occasionally show a hint of either one, so there's not much to worry about here.
It's a little known fact that females have personalities and quirks and insecurities and all the other stuff that males do Smile

Honestly, unless you want to go reading about male privilege gender isn't really an issue when it comes to someone's personality. Just let them be who they'll be and ignore the plumbing. A lot of someone's personality is dictated from their experiences. Different people take different things from the same experience, they notice different things and learn different lessons. The more interaction you have with your tulpa, the more her personality will grow on its own.

Also, if there are any women you can trust in your life, talk to them about it. If there aren't, then post on here. I'm sure there's other women around and I'm sure we'll be glad to help. It might put your mind at rest about your male subconscious interfering.
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As a male with a female tulpa: I have no idea how to help you. Mine chose her form based on an existing character who happened to be female. I had no real input on her, although I have had a few close female friends so I guess it wasn't as strange for me. Also, she's not exactly a girly girl either(at least she would try and hurt me if I told the truth that I think she just puts on a tough exterior...oops), though I would say that's very much unique to mine and hardly the case for most.

Generally speaking, I'd say it's no different than developing a male or nonsex(autocorrect tried to make that nonsectarian...) tulpa. I find it nice as it provides a very unique pov on everything. Although I imagine switching might be a bit odd for the tulpa.
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