Deconstruction of the Newcomer's Tulpa Mentality
"So I think that claiming this is just a newcomer mentality is perhaps claiming too much authority. It's a mindset, you're providing an alternative one based on your observations of yourself and others - one which I agree with, but still, it's not something you can claim is the sole mentality of experienced people."

Hmm, the name for this was because it was intended for newcomers who were being bombarded with these beliefs because older guides are still the most popular ones and because immersion in the community would have them encounter some of these popular opinions (this was written 6 months ago and posted on Reddit, I have noticed that this mentality has been shifting generally already. I'd like to think I contributed but perhaps that's too much credit to myself). Mostly because I'm jaded, I don't really expect older members to change their opinions on what I say. If you've believed parallel processing for 3 years, it's hard to swallow that your experiences were fake (and thus I don't really blame these people for ignoring me). Though, yes, it is attacking a more general mindset in the community that tulpas are somehow uhhh, Psychology+more entities, lol. So, I can agree the name is a bit of a misnomer, though I'm not sure what I'd change it to.

"What's more, it's misleading to label the alternative as 'magical thinking' - although it's appropriate in a certain sense, that is, ascribing too much power to tulpas, it's awkward given the juxtaposition with belief in actually magical things like the astral plane and so on."
I was trying to paint up these beliefs as being as absurd. Though, I see your point. I've basically rewritten the entire paragraph.

"Secondly, it seems to trail off at the end..."
Hmm, fair, I intended it to be a conclusion paragraph of sorts, but I guess it does come off kinda strange. I'll clean that up in a moment.

And in response to the vocality stuff.
You know, I totally agree with you both. This will take me a bit longer to change. It's also sorta painful to remove such a huge chunk from this.

Edit: Of those options, I'd prefer this be in Articles
The System:

It's too big.
ha, that's what she said.

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