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Developing a Tulpa as it grows
We have all these manuals and instruction on how to make a Tulpa. But we have nothing about developing our Tulpas socially as they grow. We could really use something like that.
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That's not really something that needs a guide. Tulpas develop socially the same way everyone does... by them interacting with people, making friends, etc.
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Some people speak of how their Tulpa rebels and makes the host suffer in some ways. Even some people fear that their Tulpa may Possess them and cause them to cause harm to themselves in some way. I've read posts where some people complained that their Tulpas have threatened them. This is why I think there should be a guideline for to help guide Tulpas as they grow. I have been reading a book on how to raise Children to be compassionate and I'm working on a guide using the suggestions from this book to put up for people to learn how to help their Tulpas grow to be compassionate.
Don't believe the things I say just because I tell you.. Test these things and prove them to yourselves so that you know them to be true. ~The Buddha
I really don't see why that would happen unless the host made them that way through thinking of them as "evil" or "demons" or abused them in some way. That sounds like something highly uncommon and there would be no reason to make a guide to avoid that. Tulpas are people and most people do not turn out that way unless it's through some form of trauma.

If you really want a tulpa to value certain things, then just teach them about it. Teach them about compassion or kindness, but don't think that they'll turn out some hideous monster if you don't. The only real chance that would happen is through you believing it would, as mindset influences outcome.
I'm Apollo Fire, the "Sun God" of the Felight family. I'm a tulpa created December 2016. My systemmates are RadioPiano, & Indigo. Form images: 1 2
The 'malicious' tulpas that you mentioned are a rarity, and while these cases are usually interesting to read about I'd take them with a grain of salt because of how outlandish they often are. Even if you do land yourself with a tulpa that acts abnormally it seems rather unlikely that any single guide could solve that issue. You could look at the progress reports board to see how other people handled social development (easing their tulpas into talking to people outside of their head) but this is something that people tend to play by ear.
My first tulpa "rebelled"if you can even call it that because she didn't like the choices I was making in my life and was trying to get me to think about things more and make better choices. But like I said, it didn't end up being bad at all so you can't really consider it rebelling at least i dont. It got me to re-evaluate the decisions I was making and really marked a turning point in my life. Things are much better now.

So if you think of it like a mushroom or acid trip, sometimes the "bad trips" actually end up teaching you the most.

If anyone is curious. Aurora acted just like a pissed off wife or mother would. Badgering me into actually getting off my duff and doing something about the situation rather than just laying back and wallowing in misery. She wasn't nice about it. But then again, if you have ever really pissed off a wife or a mother, you know how that can be.

The one thing I could have done without. Was the grotesque form changes into horror type creatures from the dead space series. But after i delt with what I needed to deal with she turned right back around and has become one of my best friends.

Just because things don't go the way you expect/want does not mean it's a huge problem that needs fixed. Perhaps it's you that needs to do the fixing.
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>The tulpa that I created this account for no longer wants it. So not having an account myself, ill take it.<

controlling tulpa behaviour, specifically in the vein of stemming maliciousness appears to be a kind of theme with some of your posts. Have you thought about the prospect that tulpa horror stories could be like urban legends, creepypasta/copypasta or simply kinds of jocular exertion brought about by individuals who deliberately mislead others for sheer amusement? If you've ever visited different *chan tulpa boards you'll see what I mean. Jake, one of the earliest users registered here and who posted during the /mlp/ days confirmed that the Pinkie Pie tulpa screaming constantly post was little more than a joke or meme that got out of hand until it was believed to be true. Taking these kinds of myths seriously appears to be a problem on areas like r/tulpas because there's little critical foresight yet too much belief that certain things can and do go wrong. It's fucky but I theorise a lot of these stories are meant to divert or filter out users who aren't serious or can't maintain the wherewithal to successfully live with tulpas to begin with.

Honestly if you believe these kinds of events can transpire without scary underlying causes or equally atrocious input then you'll probably force yourself into these episodes not unlike a self-fulfilling prophecy. Could you refocus or not dwell far too long on a tulpa being genuinely evil and/or terrifying? It's natural to have fears during tulpa creation process but the trick is to not let them consume you. Tulpas are a lot more formidable than we give credit for and will soldier on in spite of our own misgivings, neuroses and inadequacies.

If you do happen to encounter a "devilish" tulpa, please do not seek to harm or destroy them. Holy shit have I seen some poor tulpas get put through the wringer and worse because a self-centered host wasn't up to buckling down and realising that a tulpa was scared, needed their attentions or just wanted help.

As for the guide you envision, how would you justify its existence in further developing tulpas? If one goes with traditional guidelines concerning the input of various traits and expects deviation to happen, to what end would you employ said guide to inculcate compassion and healthily good behaviour?
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I remember meeting a guy on the IRC who was stressed about communicating with his Tulpae and another guy who was worried he would lose control because one of his Tulpas was aggressively protective. I think the first guy was trying to put all of the blame of that system's problems on himself and the other guy was impulsive and had some issues with reacting inappropriately.

As for my experiences, I remember telling others about what we were going through to be pretty weird. Ultamitelty, the root of the problem was my perspective and anxiety, not Ranger's behavior.

As for the other two hosts, communication, stress, and impulsive behavior were the issues, not necessarily their Tulpa.

I remember reading a couple of horror stories on about an "evil" Tulpa that scared their host so much it eventually was "rejected" by the host, not literally, but I don't know how else to describe it. The end result was the Tulpa's dissipation. The second horror story was the Host's Tulpa used imposition to hurt their host, and I don't remember all of the details there.

I'm worried these issues are simply far too complicated for the kind of guide you're talking about. It takes a system to make a system problematic, and forcing the blame on the Host is flawed at best, forcing the blame on a Tulpa is simply unfair and in my eyes victim blaming.

I'm not saying Tulpae can't be jerks, I'm just saying the issues where there's conflict between a Host and their Tulpa isn't clean cut or an easy "he did it" or "she did it".

I don't think it's a bad idea to share your experiences and ideas for Tulpamancers with schizophrenia, but otherwise the relationships parents have with naughty todlers and children is very different from the relationship between Hosts and Tulpae. (Plus, my guess is a book teaching parents to have more compasionate children seems to imply the parents themselves struggle with the concept of compassion to begin with or have insecurities related to that subject.)

Of course, like anxiety, I would imagine having some ground rules or advice to reffer to would be helpful. I don't think it would be a guide (Probably progress reports, or just maybe a tips and tricks but that's pushing it), and it would need to come with the clarification that the issues are connected to schizophrenia.
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I have always said "Teach your tulpa compassion. A tulpa with compassion will always treat you well. If you don't know what compassion is, first learn compassion yourself." (I have met people who thought compassion was some fouled-up torture or something.)
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