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Deviant's Tulpamancy Progress
Hey all. I'm writing these progress reports primarily to keep myself focused and consistent with my tulpa creation, for the past year I've been researching on and off and I've finally decided to put full effort into a tulpa, and I feel like documenting my progress here is a good place to start.


It's been a week since I decided that I'm fully capable of committing to a tulpa, today marks my first meditative forcing session with Solomon. I didn't plan on calling him Solomon, but the name has been gnawing at my mind for a while and it just feels right, so I guess I'll stick with it. Appearance-wise I generally took inspiration from animals that hold significant relevance in my life. His basic body structure is that of a coyote, although somewhat different. He's stark black with white in a similar pattern to a magpie. Really basic thus far.

As far as personality goes, I'm gearing towards someone sarcastic, dry and somewhat cynical, I find myself drawn to that sort of thing I suppose.

It'll be interesting to see how much he deviates from this if/when the time comes.

My forcing session with Sol went well, no sort of response, but I was able to visualize him decently, it felt right being able to focus on him for a while. I've narrated to him non stop all day, it became pretty soothing after some time.

I'm right at those first stages so not a lot to comment on haha. I'll probably be making my next update once I receive some sign of progress. 

- Deviant

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