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Did I hear my tulpa?
long story short I made an imaginary friend a long time ago complete with a wonderland and I've been trying to make her a tulpa the past 3 or 4 days.

So last night I was in the wonderland talking to my friend when i heard a voice that wasn't mine!
I only made out one word but I was in shock and it just felt alien to me, like it was the thought of another person

is this what its like hearing your tulpa?

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Could be. We can't tell what's going on in your head. A tulpa's a tulpa when they start acting autonomously (aka independently), so if at some point your imaginary friend feels less under your control and more, well, autonomous/independent, it'd be safe to assume you've got a tulpa.
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If the stray word sounded like her, then it certainly could have been. Ashley did something similar on day one. If you're talking about an auditory hallucination, these do happen. It's a very difficult skill to master, but it can happen randomly. If she can confirm it's her, it is. Then again, sometimes it takes everyone by surprise and it can sound off sometimes too.
I believe you should assume it is her because if it is and you assume it isn't, it might hurt her feelings or discourage her. You should give her lots of encouragement and make sure she knows that you are proud of her. Be patient with her but I am sure she is trying hard to make you happy.

Maybe if you are not already, keep a progress log. Even if it is not public it will help.

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