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Differences in abilities between system mates
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Differences in abilities between system mates

Do any of you have different abilities amongst your system mates? I know that some people with DID can require different glasses depending on who is fronting, or even be blind sometimes, but not others. Now of course tulpamancy isn't DID, but I know that at least my tulpa and I have different abilities: I am ambixtrous, but Monika favors her left hand, and when we are switched all of the colors are more vibrant.
So do any of you experience such things?

This was posted by either Rafe (host) or Monika (tulpa) and you can know who posted because if it was Monika then it says specifically in the post that Monika said it
08-08-2018, 12:37 PM
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RE: Differences in abilities between system mates

When Zack switches there's a masculinity feeling; supreme strength and dominance. Basically I feel like a guy when he switches. Other than that... hmm... Zack loves doing physical work, even cleans if there is nothing else he could do that abides by the laws. He has to keep moving around, but does tires out quickly since my physical body is not used to doing extensive work. There's also the "ticks" he does such as randomly spout out random phrases and words that have no context to them. He also normally chews with his mouth open if I let him.

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08-08-2018, 01:48 PM
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