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Dissociated with tulpa?
Hello. I have anxiety, severe depression and dpdr(depersonlization and derealization disorder) Im simply dissociated). Can I make a tulpa? I have most of the time problems knowing what is real and what is not. And I have ADHD. Which is simply problem focusing. Am I capable of creating a Tulpa? I loved psychology since childhood. I was always interested in psychology and now in this ,,Mind modification". I always wanted to ,,Brake through" and try new things like this and to altogether f#ck up my mind in a good way as much as possible.

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None of those things will stop you from being able to make a tulpa. Also, and this might not apply to you, but remember to really think about if you want to have a tulpa, because it is a lifelong commitment and not a decision to be rushed. A tulpa is their own person, not just "weird mind modification". And you may already know and understand this stuff, but it's better to be safe
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Our original had all of those issues as well, aside from ADHD, and obviously had success creating tulpas. Note that these issues can and probably will affect your tulpa too, though the extent at which it will can vary. We deal with depression and dissociation/derealization like the original did, though I'd say depersonalization only applied to them and not us. That's just our case, though. Nobody can say how things will turn out for you. Just be cautious and remember that creating tulpas means making a commitment to helping them if they end up with these issues as well.
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(03-21-2019, 09:52 PM)AhhaHuhhuh Wrote: Can I make a tulpa? I have most of the time problems knowing what is real and what is not. And I have ADHD. Which is simply problem focusing.

This is important, and potentially dangerous in tulpamancy. The way I usually put it is that, while having a well-developed tulpa can and has helped people with little mental discipline (to put it lightly - from ADHD to actual schizophrenia), it can also be dangerous to place too much value or trust in them when you can't control your thoughts well. If you create this idea of a helpful person in your mind, and some day you have basically an invasive thought you can't tell apart from them of them encouraging you to hurt yourself in any way or make a bad decision, you could end up worse off than having remained weary and aware of potentially invasive thoughts.

Tulpas can help, but in a chaotic mind the host has trouble moderating, they could potentially let negative influence slip through. They probably won't, for you at least, since you don't specifically have schizophrenia (I'm not terribly familiar with derealization disorder), but your statement that you have trouble knowing what is real or not is a red flag I've seen in the past for the potential for tulpamancy to go wrong. Plus, it can get complicated when talking to a therapist or psychologist or otherwise - there's very little reason for them not to assume your "tulpa" is a symptom, not a helper. And as I said, in some cases it can be. It can be hard to tell what is and isn't your tulpa sometimes (especially during development, but also) when you don't have a perfectly clear mind to begin working with.

If you think you'll be able to ignore potential invasive thoughts of your tulpa being a negative influence out of nowhere, then you can try and make one. Even in systems with schizophrenia, I have heard of tulpas helping to manage thoughts or steer their host in the right direction. I'm just saying, the more chaotic your mind, the harder it can be to know what is your tulpa and what's an invasive thought - even healthy minds experience invasive thoughts, but normally they are in a place to deal with them.

If you do decide to make a tulpa, please also remember to consult us on the forum if anything comes up. You could even make a Progress Report if you so desired, where you can also ask questions (but if you don't feel you've gotten quick enough or as many responses as you want, feel free to make a thread in Questions & Answers).
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Agreed, it can help, nothing you said is necessarily bad or difficult, but as Lumi said, intrusive thoughts are a pain, i didn't get them at all until i actually had a tulpa. I did beat myself up and think everything is my fault, but those aren't the kind on intrusive thoughts ixm speaking about.

If i was trying to visualize my tulpa, suddenly they were being attacked, or they weren't them, or i was being attacked. My visualization is really good so those negative intrusions were really nasty sometimes. Nightmarish and hard to forget; however, they mostly went away and after 6 months or so, their frequency was one per week instead of every session like in week one.

So, yes, if you want to, go ahead and we'll do the best we can to help. They certainly helped me better than i could have ever imagined.

Your results may vary.

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