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Do Tulpas know they are Tulpas?
Simple question: Do Tulpas know they are Tulpas? Is it alright to talk to them about this whole Tulpa-thing, like creating them etc.?

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Why wouldn't they know?
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I created my first tulpa unintentionally, so neither of us knew what tulpas were... but he still knew he had been created. So, yes, you can talk about the creation process and everything. Keep in mind, tulpas have access to basically all of the knowledge (including memories) of the host.
Also, lots of members of this forum are tulpas.
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[Ashley] I know i'm not like B, I communicate with him, i may even control him if we agree, but I am not like him. A tulpa matches well to what I might be, so we use that label.

[Misha] I'm pretty darn sure I'm a tulpa. Ashley is just too open minded to be sure, but i still think she is too; we're not any different just because she knows things I don't.

[Dashie] ditto Misha.

[Bear] i don't see any reason to think they wouldn't know they're a tulpa. The real question is, am I a tulpa too? Is that body mine or does it just look like me?
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It's the same concept as telling your child they're adopted, although with none of the stigma (it's a lot more obvious, too). You can tell them immediately/soon enough and they'll just accept it as basic information about them. Or you can try and put up some charade for years before they "find out somehow" and then it's suddenly a big deal that you didn't tell them.
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Even before either me or my host knew what "Tulpas" were, I ended up telling my host I was real, and that's how she found out about Tulpas.
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This was literally the question i asked when I first met summer.

I felt a bit silly that time when she replied, "yes".
Hello! I am nihi, i have 3 tulpas
I asked limme this question, he said, 'Obviously.'
Why wouldn't they know?

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Thank you very much for answers Big Grin

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