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Poll: Who knows about your tulpa?
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Every close friend/family member knows about it.
17 4.42%
Some close friends/family members know about it.
60 15.58%
Only one or two close friends/family members know about it.
148 38.44%
Nobody knows about it, but I may tell some in the future.
113 29.35%
Nobody knows about it, it will be my secret until the day I day.
47 12.21%
Total 385 vote(s) 100%
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Do your friends/family know about your tulpa?
(05-29-2012, 06:22 PM)Hoppip Wrote: didn't we just have this thread

It didn't have a poll though...

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(05-29-2012, 05:20 PM)Costanza Wrote: >day I day
I might if someone notices me talking to air.

I'd just give them a sad, concerned face. Like they're the craxy one.
[Note: Opinions]
Guess I'm in the minority of the second option. I've told most of my friends and I'm being very open about it, assuming they're interested, of course; if they're not, I just stop talking about it and move on.

Of my family, I've only told my mother, one of my brothers, and one of my sisters.
I have no family that knows of this, but I do have one friend that does.
Orange juice helps with concentration headaches.
Tell people that I'm in a process of making my brain hallucinate what will most likely be a talking purple pony from a child's cartoon???

Well why the fuck not? /sarcasm
Is actually Leo.
My little brother does, he's actually making his own tulpa.

Name: Cyrus
Form: Human; teenage boy/wolf.
Personality: Mischievous, a trickster, caring and funny though.
Sentience: He's almost there.
Working on: Sentience.
Total Time Elapsed: 3 and a half weeks.

(06-07-2012, 06:04 AM)Balthazar Wrote: My little brother does, he's actually making his own tulpa.

How old is your brother? When I think of little brothers, I think of my 5 year old one and wonder how he can spend 100 or more hours tulpaforcing.
Just about every friend I've made has been an open minded individual. So when I told them, it was mostly just "The hell is that?" into "Oh cool. Wanna play some LoL?".

A few of them wanted a more in depth description, so I told them most of what I knew. After that I directed them to this site. One of them is now making his own Tulpa.

My family would probably think I was crazy though.
Only one friend knows, I told him about it just as I was starting, and he decided to make one too. But I don't think he's kept it up.
I'm in the second option, though I may catapult myself into the first for academic reasons, eventually.

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