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Does this have anything to do with my tulpa?
I've been creating a tulpa for around 4 days, now. I have nearly mastered Visualization; I just needed to add a few finishing touches.

Okay, so this morning, I was riding on a bus. I sat alone and felt really sleepy, and I decided to work on my Tulpa a little. I worked on her for about 10 minutes, then I eventually fell asleep.

About 30 minutes later, I felt a sudden shock in my brain, which woke me up. It wasn't pleasant, but it wasn't very painful, either. I can't remember exactly how it felt, but it sort of felt like whenever you try to plug in something, and you touch the metal part of the plug, and it shocks you. Just subtract the pain.

Does this have anything to do with my tulpa? I cannot remember the last time something similar has happened, and it was very strange.

Please note that I was not thinking about my tulpa at this time. I was asleep.

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Could it just be the bumpy bus ride? Technically if you're 4 days in it's very unlikely to have your tulpa wake you up or give you responses at that stage.
But definitely not impossible, I'd say Dx I thought that it's gone around that it's different for everyone? They can be sentient at your very first thoughts of creating them, it just takes a while for them to become strong enough to actually create responses... Though that's based on information I've gathered myself.
It may be other reasons why you felt like this, but seeing how this is something rare, and not your usual occurrence in your daily lifestyle, it could be some indication of your tulpa doing something about this. Maybe it could be them waking you up non-verbally, or maybe you just happened to be aware due to the sudden change in environment.

Seeing how this is one case scenario, ideally, maybe you could see if this is replicated for other circumstances, and learn through experience if it could really be your tulpa, or just some bodily function that may need more professional attention to. Some people continue to believe that these reactions, experiences, and such could be the result of their tulpa gradually making their existence to be acknowledged by their host. Some do this long enough to where all they want to do is walk the path into believing that's the case, and before you know it, things just happen.

Some people are skeptical, and feel there has to be more to it than just those few circumstances. But maybe those subtle cases we may take for granted is what our companions do in giving us some assurance that they're aware of what's going on in our lives. Because if you want to shrug this experience as having no potential with your tulpa being associated with it, then maybe that may end up being the case. In other words, it's all a matter of disposition, and if you can continue going through the motions without being too critical of the means to reach the ends (e.g. some progress with a tulpa's sentience and existence), I guess something may happen where they communicate to you, and your doubt gradually diminishes.
Its not impossible, if in doubt assume sentience, helps tulpa develop.

But yeah, Linkzelda has the right idea, try to replicate the circumstances, if it happens again, it could be them. If it doesn't happen again, they may have had a sudden burst in mental strength to have caused it and may not have it now, it could have just been a random thing, or they know you are trying to bait them out, and aren't gonna fall for it.

Tulpa work in mysterious ways
i am forever banned from drinking orange juice because my tulpa hates it with a burning passion

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