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Dose any one do this ? (Tulpa bad behavior)
I noticed  in imagination  I control my tulpa and stopping  him to do bad behaviour or silly things .

My question,  did you let  your tulpa  to do what every  thing he like , and how you stop  feeling awful  when look silly or bad in his look or moves.

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If anything weird happens in my imagination, it's invasive thoughts or unrelated, not my tulpas. My tulpas don't want to do those things, so I won't accredit it to them.

They should go away with time though, we don't really get things like that anymore. Anyways, I let my tulpas do whatever they want, but random visuals of random things aren't always what they "want".
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We can't and don't consciously control each other. And I don't see why we should. We're equals, we each have equal share of the mind. If Indigo wants to throw himself through an imaginary wall, I don't see why I should stop him. The imagination is pretty inconsequential.
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I think I'm going to let him do , what ever he want . I'm going to study his attitude only .

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