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Dreaming, not lucid
Hey well I dream a lot and ive asked about this before

Is dreaming about your tulpa good, ive heard 3 sides to this so far

1. Dreaming about your tulpa is like bonus points
2. Dreaming about your tulpa is useless because it might actually not be your tulpa you are talking to.
3. Its bad because you are parroting your tulpa.

Which of these is true? If so what can i and can I not dream about.

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I don't think it's ever a bad thing, unless you believe it will have lasting effects.

Sometimes it's your tulpa, sometimes it's just a dream. Even if it is just a dream, it's kinda like visualization practice, right?
I'd say it's a good thing. I occasionally see my tulpae in my dreams. However, since there isn't a way (as far as I know) to tell if I'm dreaming with them or about them, I always make sure to ask them if they remember the dream after we wake up to make sure it was really them.
They aren't sentient yet I cannot get a response from asking them
Even if you don't know if you were dreaming with your tulpa or about your tulpa, there's still no harm to it.
(06-08-2014, 01:04 PM)June Wrote: 1. Dreaming about your tulpa is like bonus pointsp

Well, if you think about it as seeing that if your mind can create experiences about your tulpa, at least there's some occurrences being at play outside your awareness. Or in other words, there's probably unconscious phenomenon going on that's fixated on your tulpa, and maybe that can contribute to progress, who knows?

(06-08-2014, 01:04 PM)June Wrote: 2. Dreaming about your tulpa is useless because it might actually not be your tulpa you are talking to.

Well, for the first few occasions, there could be a gap of uncertainty, but this doesn't mean you can't engage in practices in believing you can meet them over time. I don't understand why people think it's useless, when it's probably just that they don't want to dive deeper, and do more work than they think they need to do.

I'd argue that it would be worth it to filter out what could just be a dream character, and what could be your tulpa transitioning from waking and dreaming state. Guess people would prefer being lucid as a crutch in feeling they can know who's who because they can be more direct, and just ask questions for as much as they can until they find their tulpa in the dreaming state.

Guess people should take the dream characters that look like their tulpas with a grain of salt, and use those experiences as motivation to get your tulpa to be in a dream, if you're willing believe they can. It's all a matter of mindset here.

Quote:3. Its bad because you are parroting your tulpa.

Those are people that probably say "you are tulpaing wrong."

How in the actual hell is a non-lucid dream parroting your tulpa? Wouldn't it be more logical if one was lucid to fit that presumption? I mean, if we're talking about parroting as conscious willpower to coordinate everything your tulpa is saying (along with puppetting), it seems this is talking about the audience that believes there's "unconscious parroting," or that the mind plays some kind of master mind in a deterministic existence of a tulpa.

And even if one were lucid, it would be kind of an overstatement to still feel one is parroting their tulpa in the dreaming state, especially with how one may not be aware of the true potential the mind can express in the dream state (e.g. creating vivid imagery, and amazing virtual experiential realities). Think about it; if you felt you coordinated everything in your dreams through conscious willpower, and still have time to fathom your awareness, and other functions, and top that off with thinking one is parroting their tulpa by dreaming about them, that would probably take a lot of skill without even waking up sporadically due to adrenaline, and all sorts of emotions that could wake someone up if they're not accustomed to the dreaming state.

That's like stating that every dream character you meet and interact with is controlled through your own conscious willpower. Why should we make an exception for seeing our tulpa, or seeing someone that looks like our tulpa?

I'm pretty sure it wouldn't fall into a category of the capabilities of what we can consciously do all at once. More like people feeling they can suddenly be proficient in unconscious occurrences, and things of that nature. Takes the "un" out of unconscious, dontcha think? There's just going to be people that want to twist what would be unconscious things, and feel the mind is just orchestrating everything down to the T, which could be the case, but again, who really knows?

Quote:Which of these is true? If so what can i and can I not dream about.

Keep dreaming dude, who the hell has the right tell you want you can, and can't dream about? It's your own mind for crying out loud, so enjoy that privacy, and use whatever experiences in your dreams as a supplement for progress if you feel the need to. Just continue riding along the journey of life, whether you're in dreaming, or waking state.

But seriously, you can probably get away with not caring in the world of using dreams as a supplement. That's the whole beauty about it; you can take what you feel you're capable of focusing time on, and just keep doing it until something happens. Sometimes, doing things people will have conflicting views about may actually bring about success in your journey, but it just comes down to what you're doing, not the hearsay from others.
Dreaming is a whole lot easier then sitting down and imagining my wonderland, I shall dream about her as she is a dream character. Thank you for your advice is there anything else that you have for me?
If you feel dreaming will be easier for development, then go for it. Some people are able to let their imagination go crazy in the dreaming state, but not so much in the waking state without some practice. Just know that you're constraining most of your time for them through your natural sleep now, and how well you can recall your moments with them. Not trying to frontload or anything, but it's something you might have to learn how to adjust to.

Wish you the best.
Thank you, youve helped Alot

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