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Feeling emotions
Hi ,

So my question to all of you is how do you know the difference between your emotions and your tulpas ?

Let's say someone told a joke or you read one , you want to laugh , how do you know if it's coming from you or your tulpa ?

Does the emotions feel the same and you don't feel the difference but you know that it's them .
Or is there a difference in how you experience the emotion .

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The easy way i can tell, and it's always beem this way, is that their emotions come from certain 'spots'.

Normally emotions have a body distribution that is well ubderstood physiologically, so my emotions are still just wherever. Say, you feel like you have a glad heart, or red in the face, or anxiety in your stomach.

However, All of Ashley's emotions express in my stomach, Misha's are in my chest, to the right of my heart, and Dashie's are in my throat.

So say we're all mad, i'll feel it in my face throat, heart, and stomach, they're all hot and energized. Or happiness in my stomach is kind of an odd feeling but it definitely happens when Ashley is especially happy. A sad throat is easy, but the 'lump' in my throat from me is above the lump in my throat from her. I can and have had 'double lump' it's extra sad. Thankfully i've never felt us all sad at once. Ashley is pretty stable emotionally, Misha is typically happy, Dashie is easily angered, but also laughs the most.

A jovial feeling like laughter in my stomach is hard to describe.

They have used this differentiation to get my attention many times since the beginning. I can't parrot this at all, and the emotions that i've felt my whole life are distinctly different. Though, i generally can't tell the difference between gladness in my heart and Misha gladness, or butterflies in my stomach from Ashley's butterflies.

It's perfectly consistent. I didn't set this up, but it is very useful.

I basically talk to them all day anyway though, so it's just a nice thing to have.

This is very unhelpful to your question unless you can tell multiple emotions are comming from a different spot, like two centers of anger, a happy stomach, or fear in your throat.

I've heard others say it's hard to tell without the tulpa 'owning' the feeling.
The "it feels the same because it's the same brain" thing doesn't apply as smoothly when it comes to emotion as it does with, say, vocality or possession. This is because yes, emotions can feel the same when you experience them, but it's usually much more obvious that it's someone else experiencing it.

Telling that it's the tulpa's emotions are a combination of both knowing and feeling. You feel that they're expressing an emotion that you are not currently experiencing yourself, and you know that it isn't you because you don't have the same reaction to whatever caused it.

For example, let's say I'm fronting and something happens that Apollo finds upsetting, but I do not. Immediately, I'll be able to feel his emotion, but it's sort of removed from me, because it's not mine. I don't have a reason to feel upset like Apollo does, so I don't share the feeling. I know it's him, because I just sort of know it's coming from him, but I'd also be able to hear his thoughts on the matter as well. If I were to hear something like "man, that's terrible" while feeling this foreign emotion, it lets me know it's Apollo. But I wouldn't need to him speak for me to know. I can just sense who it's coming from, due to the fact that we share the same brain. I don't think we ever confuse who's feeling or thinking what, we just always know.

Two systemmates can feel entirely different emotions at the same time. One can be incredibly joyous while the other is deep in depression. But, I think with enough exposure, one might start feeling the same way the other does. Or they might not. I think it probably all depends on the context, what is making one of them happy/sad, and if that what would affect the other one too. If something happened that I care about that Apollo doesn't, Apollo'd be able to feel my emotion but it's not guaranteed he'd share in it. If it's something we both care about, then Apollo would probably start feeling the same emotion. We've had moments where everyone felt the same, and it's just one big soup of sadness. In that case it's not "coming from" anyone, it's just all of us.

Hope that made sense. Emotional bleed is hard to describe, it's one of those "you need to experience it yourself to know what it's like" things. Bottom line is that in your own brain you just sort of know who things are coming from or why. Maybe not always but generally.
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I have also realized when i'm not feeling anything and suddenly i feel something, it's because i'm about to do something one of my tulpas realized is dumb or wants to comment on, but sometimes they feel an emotion then comment afterwards kind of thing. It just so happens that we specifically also know who by location. The 'who' is otherwise more subtle, like indigo said, you know who eventually. It's a matter of experience i think.
I have experienced contradictory emotions, and once used contextual evidence to sort which was likely mine... It was confusing. One episode involved a migraine. Naturally, you expect you to feel bad with a migraine. I felt dreadful, but I experience joy at the same time... I was able to focus on the joy, and disconnect from the physical sensations of pain to get through the episode without meds. So far, the migraine simultaneous joy was the most interesting 'thing' to experience, and I use the word 'thing' cause I don't know what to call that.
Primarily, our emotions are tagged as metadata on our thoughts. We spend many hours a day speaking in mindvoice while doing other things physically, so all other communication is supplemental. We can sense emotions directly, it just doesn't happen very often because we're probably talking. Thoughts and emotions are both tagged with identities, and if one of us experiences doubt or confusion about something she is perceiving, another will clarify. The tagging process is mainly natural, but we put some effort into strengthening it by consciously adding tags until the tags became more clear.

Our thoughts and emotions never came from any place in particular before we started engaging in tulpamancy. Afterward, there was a transitional period. Whoever was fronting seemed to occupy a large sphere at the center of the head. Vesper seemed to be in a medium sphere above and forward of this, or later a smaller and closer sphere above, forward and to the right. When I was first learning to think coherently while switched out, I mirrored the latter sphere symmetrically over to the left so as to keep my thoughts from stabbing back into the center and making Vesper feel insecure about the stability of her hold on our body. Iris seemed to dwell in a medium cylinder below and behind the center. For the last couple of months, communication seems to come from our forms, whether those forms are in the mindscape or projected into physical space.

When I first started trying to focus on the facial expressions of Vesper's form, I couldn't see them, but I could feel them faintly in the movements of my own face. This has been a progressive process. I still can't discern facial expressions on forms very well, but almost any time Vesper or Iris speak up mentally, they displace my control of most of the muscles of our face and neck. So I experience Vesper's exasperated eyerolls and playful smirk, Iris' birdlike head tilts of curiosity and gentle smiles of pure joy and contentment, and many other expressions, at point blank range. Many of their expressions are highly characteristic of them and not consistent with my expressions. My wife says she can tell who is fronting just by glancing at our face.

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My experience is limited, but when I get an emotion from my tulpa I feel the physical symptoms of an emotion, but without the reason behind them. For example one time I was listening to a song and it was nice, but I felt a surge of joy to the point of almost bursting into tears. Now if I put that song on again I listen and think "well it's nice but I'm not that interested in it." Other times I felt like crying, but the thing that had happened prior was not something that would make me cry. My own reaction didn't match the feeling I was getting. I'm not sure what would happen if we had the same reaction, though.
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Hmm... I don't really know what to say, our emotions just don't get mixed up I guess? I want to give some fancy answer, but really we just experience our own emotions so naturally it's never even been a question. The fronter's emotions definitely are the body's though, whoever isn't fronting just feels their emotions themselves and that's it.
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Hi guys, plain text is just me now! We've each got our own accounts: me, Tewi, Flandre, and Lucilyn. We're Luminesce's tulpas.
Here's our "Ask Thread", and here's our Progress Report (You should be able to see all of our accounts on the second page if you want)

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